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  1. It's a tie between I'm not ready to die an Beauty of Annilhation 8-)
  2. I think they're hired by the Freemasons so they can eliminate all of the hostile Africans so they can move in and peacefully mine resources without being attacked. Or they could be the Russian loyalists, who are trying to get funds to stage a rebellion in Russia.
  3. Well a small map isn't entirely better. Five was a pretty tiny map and that annoyed the crap out of me. Der Riese was a relatively large map and it was a very high quality map. Yeah, but compare Der riese to moon. It's a lot larger, and maintains a size suitable for breathing space, I think they should make the maps similar to that. Well that's just my opinion anyway.
  4. They should make smaller maps, it's really annoying travelling through them. At COTD, I think they started to think "bigger is better" I just hope they realize, quality, not quantity
  5. Bro, all the survival maps play exactly the same, whereas zombie maps have something different in every map. There are also 10 zombie maps plus dead ops. Yes, I think we all understand that a story and characters wouldn't work out here, but the point is, they make the game less interesting. Also, "fanboyish ways". What are you, in preschool? Dude, most of us already KNEW survival wouldn't be as good as zombies, and it really isn't hard to see, in no way are we being fanboys. Survival in NO way is better than zombies. Doesn't mean it isn't fun, we aren't fanboys bro. I wasn't calling everybody fanboys. And the zombie maps don't add new things. A new perk or a new weapon or new traps doesn't really make a difference,so I wouldn't call anything new. And not every survival map is the same. And survival has things such as barracks,buying many different weapons,airstrikes,perks and hiring NPC's.Survival mode surpasses Zombies in content,to say the least.
  6. Same old boring maps?Lol. There's about 16 survival maps. How many zombie maps?8, I think Please stop blinding yourself in your zombie fanboyish ways. And not every single mini needs a game needs a story, but Infinity ward easily could. They could throw a random half-arsed story mode with half-arsed characters. For example:Name:John Mackenzie,Bio:SURVIVED A TRAIN WRECK ZOMG TL;DR:Survival mode can be as good as zombies,if not better. /rant
  7. Hey guys, im making a strategy for low to medium skilled players,We will start off with the perks,and the weapons ect. Primary-M16A4 Or FAMAS With a Silencer Secondary-A silenced weapon,doesnt matter. Perk 1-Scavenger Perk 2-Cold blooded Perk 3-Anything but scrambler(Commando is good,but is despised) Equipment-Claymore. Killstreaks-Harrier(7 killls) Chopper gunner(11 kills)Nuke,Obviously(25 kills) Good maps to play on-Scrapyard,Highrise,Karachi,Invasion. Game mode-CTF Is best,domination works too. This Tutorial Is for scrapyard,on CTF. ----TF141---- Ok, so You`ll want to place a claymore At the door to the right,then walk up the stairs and start shooting out the window(Easy,LOL) Build up a harrier before halftime,Hold out til half time then immediately at the start of round 2, Call in the harriers and bomb the enemy spawn.Then you place a claymore at a door,Find a good hiding spot to call in the Chopper Gunner.Then just kill anybody near you that can Kill you,be careful though or you could kill yourself.Then when the respawn,rain fire on the spawn(you may need to risk going in for a few more kills before you get the nuke,chopper doesnt always get you up to 25) Thats about it,hope this helped anybody remember,this is for low to medium Skilled players and involves camping,so dont troll
  8. She must be developing them VERY FAST. Anything about Dempsey?In moon he seems to be in a bad mood.
  9. Nice to have nearly all of your videos in the same place.I never knew about the 8 bit zombie music xD
  10. I prefer the avenged sevenfold song nightmare that song is way better the music video makes me feel sick though
  11. Thanks a lot....Up as early as possible to download. I live in Ireland [brains] To you Zombrex
  12. Maybe theres a type of super intelligent zombie that can take wall guns?But turning it upside down confuses it?
  13. If Moon takes place at the same time as Five,How do they get called on the phones in Ascension?Remember J.F.K would say need more beans for the chowder here,then his gun clicks(hes out of ammo while fighting zombies therefore it would contradict moon and five at the same time.
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