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  1. Well melbourne so yeah and I get really confused with time zones
  2. Does anyone have the time for Australia
  3. Iv seen the trailer but I was wondering is it like the wanderwaft how it spreads and get muti zombies or like the vr11, because if it's like the vr11 it will be pretty bad for trains
  4. I think this is a good find so [brains] got you but it maybe just a little something they added for laughs
  5. I think that hanger 13 will probably be the hangers at the end of the the level operation 40, It will most like be a pretty big map with a massive open middle and a hangers to hide in
  6. Just a thought, maybe how the doctor says he has been here before was when you play project nova, maybe the doctor knew stiner or something as they were both German
  7. Dose anyone know when it comes out in aust
  8. Oh yeah my bad I forgot about that one
  9. This could be very true as we havent had a place in Russia (Nikolai) So this could be true good job
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