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  1. So these are the places you go in Black Ops 2 according to this! http://www.g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/723367/black-ops-2-locations-revealed-the-secret-numbers-uncover-eight-maps/
  2. You guys are saying that you didn't like the call of the dead trailer??!!! I am disappointed... :facepalm:
  3. Thanks here's some [brains] [brains] [brains] !!!!
  4. smurff707

    Quick Draw Perk

    Maybee it's a perk which makes it so you can have five perks so you buy that perk and four other perks and you will have five perks!!! Geniuse!!
  5. Treyarch thats kinda messed up.....
  6. I agree they said the maps were going to be exclusive to hardened and prestige editions so I think they should at least let us get it like 2weeks EARLIER than anyone.
  7. Does anyone know how prestige and hardened edition owners will receive their free Map pack 4 with the Moon theme and soundtrack???? Because how is Treyarch going to make it so people who don't have those editions not be able to download the free version?
  8. Calm down guys this is just an estimated time according to the last mappacks which came out around this time!
  9. Well I'm taking a guess on this one since no one really knows but probably 5:00am EST time because that's the time escalation came out? JD2020 posted on his twitter that they will never know what exact time the map pack will come out so not even JD knows. This is just an estimation according to the last map pack. ----------------------- Carbonfibah here, I jacked this thread and posted some of the times for everyone, this is what has happened in the past. Eastern Standard Time - 5am Central Standard Time - 4am Mountain Standard Time - 3am Pacific Standard Time - 2am GMT (United Kingdom) - 10am
  10. But is that really him?! I think it's him
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