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  1. PHD FLOPPER, Run a train, and turn around and shoot. gg
  2. No lie i had George killed today on solo at round 7 with only mp5k m14 2 death machines, and 4 clips of the weapon you have when you are downed in solo the exploding pistols.
  3. Whoah are you sure this happened because if you are not lying i gotta check this out! Also good find. And that would make sens considering there are only 3 body's of water, Spawn, Front of light house, and back of light house. GOOD FIND.
  4. i had the entire map open when i did this. So yeah map needs to be open, you missed a generator i bet. its the red light thingy. just blow the red light up and your good!
  5. Finally figured it out. You get the dg-2 for getting the golden rod. Here are the steps. Turn power On Go to the door and press "x" or knife it. Find the fuse, it will be up stairs on either of the two tables up there Destroy 4 generators (Semtex works best) First one is right behind you, Second one is out side the light house behind the room with the stamina up third is in the bottom of the ship, and fourth is at the back of the ship. First; Second; Third; Fourth; Then go to the ships power room and turn the ships wheel to 5 o' clock Should look like this: and the switches next to it The first one should be pulled down once, the second one should never be pulled down and the third one should be pulled down 3 times. Should look like this: Then you will need the Two new guns, V-11 and Scavenger. (Think that's the spelling.) You will need a crawler or two First you will need to get them to the bottom of the lighthouse, then there will be a green light beaming down get the crawler as close as you can to that, then shoot it with the V-11, then switch to the Scavenger and shoot him with that, if done right there will be a golden rod after about 30 second to a min, it took a while for me (This is why i recommend 2 crawlers so you don't have to start a new round) Any questions ask on here or add my GT; Opticomfgwtf
  6. Fog horns have pitches right? So do the Number dials in the light house. As the number increases so does the pitch.
  7. Steps: 1- Make sure the brown handle on the wheel is a 5 o clock 2- Pull the first level once 3- Pull the third level 2 times (or 3!, try both)
  8. Me and a Friend are playing Zombies on Ascension and the map has a really blue tent to it here is a picture of what it normally looks like, and this is what it looks like now. Here is by a perk I never went down till round 22. And when the round started the tent to the map anyone got any ideals? Things i had done. I gotten 3 Bears around lvl 11- 15 and did the first two steps of the mystery man Easter egg. Possibility of a part of and Easter egg? Credit goes to Opticomfgwtf and JackyL 211
  9. Yes my room is pink, yes that is a dress in the back ground, my gf does live with me, no i didnt pick thoes sheets. The tv is out dated but i got it for free.
  10. Gave my self a proper introduction when i first came here. Hello, My name in real life is Chris. I am currently Jobless because i had a crash racing motocross. I lost my job due to the extensive heal time it takes to heal my ribs. I broke / fractured / bruised3 ribs. I am 20 years old, and i have a beautiful girlfriend. Some threads i started that were pretty useful. Everything i found on Kino. http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=8120 Here are some stills of the Video tapes on kino http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=7471 Everything i found on Five http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=8148 I would like to say I'm a Productive member of CODZ I'm ALLWAYS down for a game of zombies, Especially Easter egg hunting! add me tarryraindrop3
  11. Ive no clipped the crap out of this map for like 5 hours one day. I belive that its just the underview of the map, and out side the map. Not to be mean Will monitor the thread tho. Nice find!
  12. I can never find anyone who wants to do the egg, please add me, i have a lot of experience in zombies. Just look at my forum post i can find stuff easy also. tarryraindrop3
  13. add me! i believe you. tarryraindrop3
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