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  1. go to youtube and go on nextgentactics zombie page. on the search bar type NGTZombies. they have the whole thing done on solo (with a few other things as well)
  2. its usually by the kinds of windows with the broken blinds on them.
  3. they met in shi no numa after dempsey was looking for someone. richtofen then found him after they were attacked and was experimenting on him
  4. http://www.nextgenupdate.com/forums/cal ... story.html i found out a lot of stuff from this
  5. anyone notice that in various areas of ascension (one off of the top of my head is the window opening my PhD the one by the truck) theres a strange whistling sound that changes pitch sounds? i was just curious if anyone knew what that was or what its for...? (sorry if its already been posted, i coulndt find it and wanted to ask)
  6. more than likely. thats how it always is with CoD DLC
  7. where exactly was it seen that they can hold weapons now...? im just curious. and yeah, looks like they were beginning to learn faster and faster. in Nacht Der Untoten they were hardly a threat, seeing as they hardly reached through the door (until BO where they patched it an they smack now) then Verruckt is where they began to swing by the door, and Shi No Numa had the fastest zombies (im guessing they discovered how to run faster?) and then (as mentioned) in Der Riese they began to climb the fences. Kino...eh... i didnt see much change other than the fact that they now began to come from ceiling locations too and above buildings.... now... ASCENSION.. they bob to the side if aimed at (displaying that they discovered if aimed at, they will get shot) they did the spetnatz roll (probably the same reason as when the move to the side) and lets not forget that huge jump in the main room if youre on the second floor of the spawn area and theyre down below... yeah, these look like theyre going to be scary smart =/ :o
  8. lol! i cant wait to hear Robert's and Danny Trejo's dialogue xD [brains]
  9. thank you so much. ive been looking for this for a while now =/
  10. same here. once psn comes back, ill gladly play
  11. the final node...? i thought there was 4 then the DM's...? hrm... 1)Activate it from the computer... 2) Activate all buttons during monkey round.... 3) the 2 minute thing. 4) L-U-N-A ....then free the spirit.... did i miss something...?
  12. thanks so much! this might help a lot :3
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