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  1. can someone tell me this glitch because I am confuzzled
  2. WHAT??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. for the glass dome theory... maybe there is more than one layer
  4. what u need to do is get a ray gun and right after u launch it u shoot it. easy as pie
  5. what???????????????????????????????????????
  6. You know Nikoli talks about one of his wives was a bear
  7. Just saying maybe they teleported into the future. :idea:
  8. all I can say is I watched a zombie crawl from the roof.
  9. My brother looked for me and he couldn't find the door.
  10. I'm new here so don't kill me but I don't get why we can't get sucked into the Gersh device. I mean zombies and possibly a human got sucked in. I'm very confused. :?
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