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  1. im down names GT bighouse761
  2. im not to offended and also i do realise what im playing for god sake were killing monkys that take perks and a scitest who takes your gun away no one ever saw this from WaW
  3. people just do its like your a little 5 year old girl and a van pulls up they say they have candy they dont they just dont same with him he is just a rapest
  4. ok no offence but this is why i hate this site i finlt start posting after like 2 years and i start gettting called stupid or dumb just a simple no would be nice
  5. Alot of rumores have been said saying kino is set in (date) then people say look at the comic in kino it says we traveld to 1950 but it never says it was kino i think the zombie maps are scrambled and also i go both wasy on this but i thought and if you look at the characters they dont look ruffed but in accensin they look like hell why well either they are dreaming or its like something samantha is in Tell me what you think (GOD ZOMBIES IS TURNING INTO INCEPTION)
  6. before the trailer with zombies mosty or all peaple thought it was going to be the cosmic silver back becuse os the rumored ign info but seeing that thier tiny as hell what was on the roof i think we still might fight the cosmic silver back one day in zombies becuse the huge connetion right now with DEO and regular zombies buts what is your theory
  7. true but i stil dont be leave him it was a huge coincidence
  8. the space siut is rictotfan is been confirmed
  9. in the whole first strick trailer we dont see tokeo or he has not been found yet so is treyarc mabey saying he is or will doe becuse lets all face us much as we all love him he is the one most likely to die for 2 reasons one becuse he is adorbale loveable and 2 the most people would feel something becuse every else has a flaw richtofin is crazy nikkloi is like the drunk father and dempsey is just a bad comedian tokeo never really did anything to anyone but this is a theory dont be be like (YOU) "god this as been said so many times its stupid your stupid blaah blah blah blah blahhh"
  10. GTTV just uploded thier preview adn it has the first stick map on the schedule 2 things might happan 1. on the 25 we get killed by videos of multiplayer maps and get the trailer on the 27 or 2. the other way around trailer on the 25 and multiplayer maps on the 27 probably knowing treyarc we will get in on GTTV like all the other times i may be wrong and i kinda hope i am becuse i want a trailer but i am not betting on it but lets all prey i am really really wrong
  11. ok i am aware of spelling but this thread was not about the map the map sounds sweet but the story i am not saying the map is bad or sounds bad but just the sotry wont make to much sense the only way is if they keep going thru time so i am just clarrfying
  12. i feel screwed over it might just be me but more i hear about this map i feel like first strik is for mulityplayer maps more than zombies bacuse in WaW the muliplayer maps were ok but we dident buy it for that dont get me wrong the rocket map it selfe seems awsome but i cant see the story for why thay are there if feels more like the people form five would play on this than the WaW crew
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