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    Ever Wonder....

    Exactly. Also if zombies are stupid enough to not pick up weapons how are they smart enough to break in or more importantly split up and attack in waves? The dude in the pentagon must have taken one look at the corpses and been like Eh not my problem and just kept working :lol:
  2. havoc025

    Ever Wonder....

    Well we have a bunch of telescopes looking at the moon, so someone would have to notice it, unless these people watching aren't using it right...
  3. havoc025

    Ever Wonder....

    Ever wonder where a all these zombies are hiding that only 4 people are seeing them at one time? Like how could someone NOT notice a giant herd of zombies on the moon, or in the jungle, or in the middle of a lone secret space station? This is purely a random question topic but I've always wondered where the hell are they hidding that no one else is seeing zombies? :lol:
  4. I lol'd at that haha thanks. [brains]
  5. I usually have over 40000 poitns by round 30 and 2 upgraded weapons, claymores, all the perks, and bowie knife. if your worried about points at THAT level then you need a new strategy. Ray gun does 2000 damage upgraded and I personally get one hit kills with it at level 36ish, 37-40 I can get one headshot and a knife.
  6. M16 useless? You obviously are not smart enough to comprehend why its so close to the sickle/Bowie in almost every level. Its hands down my fav combo atm especially in Shang Ri La. .... I always buy the bowie first in any map and pair it with a m16. Burst, knife, burst, knife, works all the way till the high teens. IMHO the pm63 is useless... Besides if you think of it the wall guns are not balanced. They give you the same choices with one always being the better of the two. M16 is a toss up since its the only gun of its type on the map. We need a stoner to pair the m16 but keep it with a low clip size high power rate. I just don't agree with the semi-automatic thing. If they had made it full auto considering military m16's have full auto, then yeah i would use it. but i dont agree with semi auto. just not my thing. M16 is a 3-round burst shot in order to save ammunition. A semi automatic weapon is the FN FAL or M14. Lets be proper here
  7. Thank you Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls Almost a direct quote.
  8. mind you he is on PS3... so stop the flaming.
  9. um. is this sarcasm or...? doubtful. sounds easy also IMO. i haven't even gotten the map. i got out of work, hung out with some friends and went home to try my luck and it was already done. makes me not want to play it.
  10. I SPY A AK47 WITH A ELEMENT 115 ATTACHMENT!! and i was gunna post the video too... also the new claymores with bamboo look cool. like the Vietnamese (maybe Korean) did to POWs. they pulled there fingernails out and put bamboo in there instead but now were putting bamboo thru zombies Yay!
  12. i was in a game with like 4 kids and one 20ish year old (multiplayer) and one of th eyounger kids gave everyone on the team a job. one was the technican, one a reviver, and explosives expert, a sniper.... i didn't have a mic on but it was funny as hell.
  13. I read on here about attacking george/knife/dolphin dive etc on him right at the start of the round 1 and every game I do it.. I get massive amounts of power ups in multiplayer. The last game I played I counted like 30 within the first five rounds. Yeah? dolphin dive on round 1?
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