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  1. Hint for the future and the franchise? They're staying true to the fans and not ending it?
  2. Limited edition skins/camo for multiplayer and extra Survival/Spec Op maps
  3. this is one of my favourite posts, i had done these tests myself just as curiousity. is there anything that this forum doesnt cover? i appreciate it all.
  4. This map is the BEST! you epic fail.
  5. i've heard this rumour about pc and xbox joining forces and playing together which seems stupid really, but if it comes about ill be deffinetly slaughtering xbox players with my keyboard and mouse.
  6. Love it! I'd like to emphasize the 'Few layers' because if you go into too much details you end up with god awful pictures like player emblems (i actually have a cannabis bud as my own atm) I've always wanted my secondary to have a skin aswell as my primary and maybe not the same style. Same again with the face camo you'll be seeing army men with cocks on their forehead, which is cool with me, gives me something to aim for. different knives would be class! maybe even multiple throwing knives you can wield. im not saying more than one unless you have some sort of setup like warlord and tomahawks. Mask perk slot sounds brilliant it'll take some perks from the orignal 3 perks but and add it to your head which means overall more variation and more perks entirely, which is always good, it adds complexity to the create a class. all these cool perks we get like scrambler, hacker/sit-rep, eavesdrop, reconnaissance, ninja(mw2)/ninja pro(bops) and tactical mask. never mind the new ones IW could come up with like something little as any killstreak that involves leaving your player vunerable to enemy players, you can have a picture in picture like a camera spike does, which may take up a perk slot but will make your killstreaks even longer. we want to be unique fighters for online gameplay just like any other game we want identities and to prove we've got skill so may it be you receive something for completing an achievement or because you've maxed out your prestiges we want customization on a next level scale. This is just a quick response to your post before i go to sleep and i may add more ideas of my own about customization. TL;DR We're all unique and want identies that we create ourselves so please IW, MORE CUSTOMIZATION !!!
  7. Have you tried looking in the basement with all the rooms open and jumping through the windows? clue: jump, crouch then jump again to give the smoothest jump through the gaps.
  8. Does anyone else have random head pains or headaches from playing five too much? The best tactic is to run around and around and around in the middle floor (war room) this tactic should be learnt clockwise and anti-clockwise to prevent these pains. Give brainz for been the test subject :(
  9. hopefully a more customizable variation of this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItOIsk-jpro nevertheless it was fun, not easy either. like zombies but they have weapons.
  10. a friend linked me this video of an effective way to slaughter a pack of zombies. no credit for the video please. http://youtu.be/iCnbnsjs6-0
  11. id say: good environment created by treyarch. i love their work.
  12. This early in the year and we're getting leaks already, a very well thought out advertising strategy by Infinity Ward. http://dznmods.net/showthread.php?9542- ... ver-Leaked
  13. i didn't buy it. waiting for a real challenge AKA old treyarch maps like der reise pros: ten pound in my pocket alot of free time cons: they're are none (appart from all the double posts on codz)
  14. Great stuff, me likey! looks wonderful well done treyarch
  15. step 8 - FREEDOM go let them free guys! another long winded easter egg incoming.
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