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  1. SP isn't ridiculous unless if there's Jugg. Besides, I'll probably using Hardline instead anywayss (at least it's actually USEFUL, unlike Ghost...)
  2. Yeah....exploding when diving will totally protect you from the effects of hypothermia... Exploding solves the problem for Falling not Hypothermia! Duh! But i really don't like Deadshot Unless i have a Sniper Somebody doesn't get sarcasm...
  3. Yeah....exploding when diving will totally protect you from the effects of hypothermia...
  4. Because being frozen in water makes you immune to zombies apperantly, so I wouldn't buy it.
  5. I haven't really used Monkey Bombs that much (I don't play Kino der Toten AT ALL...). BTW technically VR11 kills zombies as turning zombies into human is pretty permanant. And if the zombies are far away as the OP said the zombies will be distracted, so if you got all the zombies on the lighthouse and use the zipline the zombies should go after the humans giving the player enough time to reload and resupply, right? So, when's a map of Call of the Dead coming out? Really want to see what the level looks like. EDIT: One more question - how many perks are you allowed to have at once? In Ascension you could only buy four perks (you could get a fifth from the Bottle powerup). Is it same in CotD?
  6. When you turn a Zombie into a human they only chase after it if you are far away! So if you shoot a Human and the Zombies are closer to you then the Human then they will still attack you. Yeah, but it's still technically a one-hit "kill" (well, it permanently pacifies the zombie), so doesn't that make it an awesome weapon ? At least, I'll take it over a pistol from the box any day.
  7. Cool. So, how does the VR11 suck, anyways? I thought it was just a gun version of the monkey bomb.
  8. A bit hard to see, but noticable. HEAVY F****** METAL FTW!!!
  9. Well, since all my friends play it... Why not .
  10. 3rd place: George Romero 2nd place: Cosmic Silverback 1st place (tied): Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, Edward Richtofen, John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, Fidel Castro, Richard Nixon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Danny Trejo, Michael Rooker, Ludvig Maxis, Samantha Maxis, Peter McCain, Sophia, Fluffy, Demonic Announcer, H. Porter, Gersch, Yuri Kravcheski, and Harvey Yena.
  11. It has been leaked that MW3 will have two types of Spec Ops: The standard missions and a "survival" mode featuring five known maps: Carbon, Dome, Radar, Seatown, and Village. I wonder, could this be like Zombies or a "terrorist mode"?
  12. Wow, This sounds more like C&C Red Alert 2 than Modern Warfare 3...
  13. The song wasn't half bad but I agree in which CotD is really just a remake of Verruckt with a REALLY annoying zombie that can't be killed and real-life actors as the characters. And Verruckt was (I think I've made this clear numerous times) the WORST zombie map ever made. The plot, though, was advanced a little bit. It points to how the next map will take place in a location known as "Paradise". And we get a trophy and not just 90 seconds of a useless weapon unlike the previous map, so that's an advancement.
  14. In case they take it down again, download link: http://www.4shared.com/audio/9xL7CqV-/N ... nvcom.html
  15. Damn, they took it down before I got it...
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