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  1. im in the same boat with you im a ps3 user and i cant wait for this to come out i may go to a friends and play it on xbox :)
  2. o i didnt know that if its true mods please delete
  3. seems pretty legit and oh how i can wait :)
  4. you can see the golden rod next to the gamma ray glasses
  5. 1 of 3 things 1st Evil maniacal man that his will either kill sam and take over the zombies and the world 2 save sam and kill the horde or end up dying buy sam in a huge epic battle
  6. well the illuminati is in every single map so maybe they are telling us that they are working under them i just dont find this a coincidence that every zombie map in bo has something referring to the illuminati
  7. the eye kind of looks like the all seeing eye / illuminati triangle from my point of view
  8. I thought "Der Riese" translated to the giant? Isn't that what we were lead to believe...? in the new maps its spelled Der Reise which means "the travel"
  9. algzelaya

    Focusing Stone

    so i have a few theories about the moon 1 is that richtofen wont be a playable character only from the aspect that he is the main person that is supposed to get the stone 2nd if he is how are they "3arc" going to not give us all the perks from the get go and third if he is a playable character i believe he will either be making the death ray or controlling zombies sorry i know not great theories but just had to put it out there EDIT: will go more in depth when i have time later tonight
  10. ok have u got shangri la, call of the dead or acsension psn F34R_Th3_1D10T I only have Ascension :[ didn't want to spend a lot can i add you ;P
  11. i like the welcome i feel special XP
  12. I signed up to this site because i love playing zombies and i will play any day almost anytime and i love reading the theories and the back story of this convoluted mystery
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