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  1. got-ze-raygun

    Pack-A-Punch Location Theories

    I would honestly imagine that the Golden Gate Bridge being broken and in the distance of the map.But it sod be pretty awesome to teleport, Kino style to the possibly broken bridge to Pap your gun.-
  2. got-ze-raygun

    Pack-A-Punch Location Theories

    If we could built the PaP machine, maybe we could build it on any worktable for our advantage, or disassemble it to bring the parts somewhere else. I honestly wanted it to be a set location that would be important to the map's theme, but that would be cool as well
  3. got-ze-raygun

    Pack-A-Punch Location Theories

    It could be that the 'torture' factor of purgatory only happens if you die, and you go to a purgatory with less consequences if you take some sort of portal. Yeah, I'm sure that you won't have to die to get to the PaP machine. This 'portal' or whatever to purgatory could be in a place that takes time and/or is difficult to get to. I saw a thread that was talking about the warden possibly being the 'controller' of the zombies and worshiped certain demons. He may have a portal in his 'office' or room.
  4. got-ze-raygun

    Pack-A-Punch Location Theories

    Man, that's a pretty in-depth idea. Maybe 2 keys in the living world, 1 in Purgatory? Since we still don't know exactly what purgatory is, I suppose we'll find out. We might find out today, because I believe they are releasing more news.
  5. got-ze-raygun

    Pack-A-Punch Location Theories

    Maybe a 'No Man's Land' with a time limit to PaP your gun. I can just see someone with training skills staying in there the whole game.
  6. got-ze-raygun

    Pack-A-Punch Location Theories

    I just hope it just isn't that easy, just hitting five switches, which are right in the open. Maybe some power switches that have to be pulled at once?
  7. got-ze-raygun

    Pack-A-Punch Location Theories

    I think that the Purgatory mode would be somewhat like No Man's Land, and maybe being in Purgatory and doing something for the living players could unlock the courtyard or them.......
  8. got-ze-raygun

    Pack-A-Punch Location Theories

    Oh that would be sweet. Maybe they would just tease us with the machine, putting it right in the open but so far away......
  9. got-ze-raygun

    Pack-A-Punch Location Theories

    With all of this talk of the new guns, boss zombies, and buildables, I haven't been able to find anyone talking about where the PAP machine could possibly be. Maybe in a Intensive Treatment Cell with keys to find. Anyone have other ideas?

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