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  1. i find this interesting as hell now that you mention it clutching at straws here, but arent the clocks in the bus depot at 7:50 and 5:10? five- seven....
  2. I ran the sound file through what is called a "spectrograph". What this does is creates a visual picture from the sound waves. Usually, you're just going to get a bunch of wavy lines. This file creates an actual image (as I suspected); What does it mean? No clue. that matches, the bus driver says global positioning error at the diner, there must be something there! or maybe it needs to come down? you are a legend
  3. UPDATE: He just posted again on the same thread. somebody01 13-Dec-2012 03:45 (in response to somebody01) Global positioning navigation error 01101000011101000111010001110000001110100010111100101111011101000110100101101110 01111001011101010111001001101100001011100110001101101111011011010010111101100100 001100110111001101101110011100110011001001110011 Decodes into: http://tinyurl.com/d3sns2s
  4. no the first cant be an e h or n because the 2 dots mark the beginning and the end of the neonglass (dont know the right word). an e would require four of those dots, i believe an h 6 and the n 6 but they should have been on the bottom left and on the top right. if it doesnt make sense to you, english isnt my first language^^ Ah right I thought they where just supports, so I was thinking the letters just have to attach, so it needs to start and end at the dots
  5. Thanks for the picture, I was trying to find one. Maybe the top says Motel? ok motel wasnt that hard the first letter from the other word can be "L" or "Z" and the third may be an "A", but no clue what the last could be. it seems you guys are firm with decoding and stuff, and i was wondering if the lights on the dinner sign might be a code. dont have the complete one as a pic right now.
  6. yeah thought the same. the sign is saying moon here in a way. im still trying to figure out what the other letters could be. Thanks for the picture, I was trying to find one. Maybe the top says Motel?
  7. The moon building in town? opposite the bowling alley?

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