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  1. If this is to happen, Activision must provide a completely upgraded engine that is much more powerful than the BO server. There are a couple things that prove that the BO server is not strong enough. (Note: I have not read the entire thread yet so don't kick my ass if I restate something that's already been posted) First of all, there is a reason why it is incredibly hard for zombies to support more than four players on their current engine. Zombies takes a LOT more power to run than MP. MP includes many features that cannot be run in zombies because of the engines capacity being pushed. For example, you cannot pull yourself up onto a ledge such as in MP. The connection is also harder to keep for four people in zombies than it is for 18 people in ground war. On last thing that shows the engine's problem is the fact that zombies has a quality of many Bethesda games (Elder Scrolls, Fallout). Not sure if any of you have ever noticed, but there are NO ladders. Anywhere. They are very hard to support in a mode that already pushes the engine to it's limits. Bethesda has also avoided this issue because of their engine's capacity. Overall, an upgraded engine is required in order to support a zombies only game. Especially if they want to improve it drastically. But I love the idea. And if they can provide nine maps, players will be busy for months. I love the idea of having to complete challenges and stuff to unlock the new maps and other stuff. Finally, I think Treyarch has plenty of time to develop this kind of game, especially since Sledgehammer has joined to Call of duty squad for Activision. If Sledgehammer jumps into the sequence with 3arc and IW, Treyarch will have three years to develop this game.
  2. @Halfswiss, this also seems like a reasonable idea but i think it would end up being one of the last maps in the zombies series. Everything else I like, especially incorporating WW2 weapons.
  3. I like the idea, especially the new power ups. I also like how the pack-a-punch is not extremely complicated to reach. Sounds very realistic. I also think it's nice how you brought back the hell hounds.
  4. yea, it was kind of more of a hope for the first cod 9 zombie map. If they pull the same B.S. where they scrap the last map pack and use it's zombie map as the first one in cod 9, then I hope it's close to as good as this I think Treyarch will eventually work their way up their in two or four years (if zombies is still popular by then)
  5. So this thread was posted in the general zombie discussion forum and I think it was misplaced, the last reply on it was 3 weeks ago so I want to try and revive it in this forum where it belongs. Original Thread: http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=6801 Basically give your ideas for your ideal map pack (let's keep things realistic though). List all four multiplayer maps that you would like to see. Tell us if it is based off of a campaign mission. Brief description is optional. For the zombie map use the following template: Zombie Map: Based On... : Atmosphere: Perks: Setting: Weapons: Characters: Layout: Traps: Special Round: Backstory: Special Grenades: Zombies: Pack-a-Punch: Anything may be added to the end of your template. For example I added perk-a-punch, and attachment box. My post: Multiplayer Maps 1. Rebellion - Set in Vorkuta mission (outdoors sections). This will be a medium to large sized map with turrets that can be used by players. Various small buildings are spread across the map but the largest area is the field in which Mason is pushing the cargo cart in the campaign. 2. D-Day - Located on the beaches of France where the actual D-Day occurred. This is going to be the most two sided map in the pack with one team spawning on the beach and the other spawning more inland. This map will be especially good for demolition, S&D, etc. type games because the beach team will be invading the inland team like when it actually happened. Medium sized. 3. Nova - Takes place on Rebirth Island. This will be the largest of the four maps and will be slightly more favorable to sniping. It will be in Hudson's part of the mission. The two biggest sections of the map will be inside the enormous room where there is a big shootout and in the enormous area just outside of that room (just before it in the mission). Players will have access to the catwalk above the entrance to the huge room where enemies camped in the campaign. This map will be large enough so as not be offered in a game with a max lobby of less than 12 people. That means TDM, domination, ground war, demolition, other bomb type games. No FFA and no Team Tactical. 4. Pilot - The last and smallest map of the four will be in the crashed plane on a cliff (similar to the one investigated in the campaign). Players will be able to access almost the entire plane including the cargo area. Do not be fooled. This is not the plane that was investigated in the campaign. It is a modern airbus with two floors (3 if you include the cargo hold) that is probably the size of three average jet planes. Players will be able to exit the plane but there is very little outside of it. Basically just a perimeter. The airplane will have it's roof torn off in several places to allow killstreaks to work as normal. Zombies Map Zombie Map: Diyu De Wuding (Chinese for "Hell's Rooftop") Based On: Kowloon Atmosphere: Dark, Thunderstorms, Flashes of Lighting that blind players for a split second Perks: Juggernog (red), Speed Cola (green), Quick Revive (light blue), PHD Flopper (purple), *New* Flaming Vodka (dark orange) (makes all gun have incedinary rounds [dealing extra 50% damage over a period of time] except for wonder weapons that already have other types of ammo, costs 3000), *New* Agility Whiskey (dark yellow) (you move 1.5 times normal speed, sprint twice as long, jump three times as high, dive twice as far, costs 2500), *New* Guardian Wine (silver) (when downed you do not lose your other perks but you do lose Guardian Wine and you lose any attachments on your guns, however if you die you will lose all of your perks (and attachments of course), costs 5000) Setting: Rooftops of a Chinese City (most likely Hong Kong) Weapons: All previously used weapons plus the M60 (PaP = M115 Harbinger), Kiparis (PaP = Boycott), ak47 (PaP = Anaconda), NO winter's howl, NO wunderwaffe, NO matryoshka dolls, Thundergun remains, *New* Epidemic (similar to wunderwaffe, shoots ball of poison, if it hits a zombie it starts a chain reaction poisoning any zombie within a small radius of any infected zombie, could potentially poison every zombie currently on the map if crowded enough, DOES NOT kill zombies, reduces infected zombies speed and health to 50%, 1 shot per clip, 15 spare ammo) PaP = Pandemic (same effects as epidemic except zombie speed and health is reduced to 25% and radius for infection doubles, 2 shots per clip, 35 spare ammo) Characters: Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, Richtofen, Yuri (finally more than four players) Layout: Players start outside (like in Der Reise), as usual there are four windows to cover, players will have two paths as usual to travel once they decide to leave the main room. One takes you further up onto the higher rooftops and the other takes you into the top floors of the buildings that the map takes place on top of, the power switch is located outside of another building about 3 doors away from the starting area. Like in ascension, the box will always start by the power switch. Once you turn on the power, the thunderstorms clear and disappear and a moon similar to the one in Der Riese will illuminate the map making it slightly lighter. There are about 13 buildings in the map, however, most of them only have access to the top floor inside and the rooftop outside, but some buildings may have a complex roof layout with several floors. Traps: Indoors there will be fire traps, spiked floors, and electric barriers in staircases, ladders that lead to the roof. Outdoors will be spike traps that will kill zombies that drop down from higher roofs and a new "WunderTrap" where players can summon a lightning storm over a designated area. Will still be activated for either 1000 or 1250 and a switch will still need to be hit so it cannot be summoned anywhere. It really isn't that much different than a normal trap, it's just a unique concept. Special Round: Samurai Zombies - These guys are hard to spot because they are dressed in a black suit and you are on a fairly dark map. They will blend in with the darkness more than you think. They're job is not necessarily to kill you (however they can and I will get back to that). They are trying to attack five different things (having five players suddenly seems like a good idea), so you will need to chose which ones to protect (if you have not opened a door to one of the five things, they will not attack it making your life easier). The five targets are the mystery box, the Pack-a-Punch machine, the attachment box (i will get back to this), the Perk-a-Punch machine (i'll get back to this too), and the power switch. Obviously some are more important to guard than others. At the end of the round you will receive a max ammo for killing all samurais (which must be done to complete the round), you will also receive a fire sale if the box and attachment box are saved. You will ALSO receive a bonfire sale if all five items are protected (note that the samurais must have access to all five targets in order for the bonfire sale to appear, it is cheating to just defend the power switch and the box.) If they destroy the power switch, it will be deactivated for one round, preventing the purchase of any upgrades, perks, or traps. There are also a couple of power activated doors like in Kino that will be closed for the round. If either box is destroyed it will not appear for two rounds and will reappear in a random location. If either upgrade machine is destroyed, it cannot be used for the next two rounds as well but will respawn in it's normal location. The hard part about killing samurai is that they are very agile and will try to dodge your attacks to some extent, kind of like rolling out of the way like some zombies do in ascension. The problem is that they are very fast, a bit faster than the pentagon thief so you need to be ready for any resistance. The last issue with these guys is that if you have your back turned to one and they are too close, they will assassinate you from behind downing you instantly. Once a samurai starts attacking a machine they will not pay any attention to you and you are safe to attack it. They spawn by jumping up onto the roofs and buildings from the edges of the map. So you will not have one spawn right next to you like dogs might. Samurai rounds occur every 4-5 rounds. They will be signaled by the same music as dogs and monkeys but the sky will turn a very dark green and it will become foggy. Some controversy would be the problem that you are playing solo and there are five things to defend. Samurai will target the five machines by priority (first perk-a-punch, then attachment box, then power switch, then box, then pack-a-punch, this order is designed to make the bonfire sale quite hard to receive). If you are playing solo, they will attack the perk-a-punch machine first, but that does not mean all of them. Samurai will roam the map, kind of like monkeys do sometimes, before attacking a machine. If either the machine your guarding is destroyed or the zombies seem to stop attacking, they have moved on to a different machine (the next one in the order) and will not return to attack a previously defended machine. However, it will be very hard to run to the next machine but it is barely manageable. You will need to act quickly once there. Backstory: The crew finds Yuri hiding in a panic room on Ascension. He is pretty freaked out and has no idea what is going on except that he "killed" Dr. Gersch. He decides to help take his revenge on Samantha for forcing him to do this and decides to join the team in trying to help survive the zombie outbreak. They still know very little about the zombies and decide to return to east asia to try to uncover more of the truth behind the zombies, element 115, and the Nazi experiments. However, now it's Takeo that's acting highly suspicious (like Richtofen has been in Germany's maps). Only easter eggs and map elements (such as numbers on wall in Veruckkt or hangmen) will help to uncover whether or not Takeo knows more than we think and how he was involved with the zombie outbreak (plus he's my least favorite character, he needs a bit of a backstory and personality). How did they travel there? Same way they got to Ascension, on a lunar lander but as they approach Kowloon, the power turns off, and the lander crashes down into what will be the starting area. Players will not see the crash but the busted lunar lander will be seen in the starting area. Special Grenades: Gersch Devices return, *New* Jagger Bombs (similar to a molotov cocktail, this grenade will create a fire trap. When thrown, it will explode, dropping flames in a fairly large radius around it. The fire lasts for about 10 seconds and any zombie passing through will be instantly killed like a fire trap that is purchased on a map). Matryoshka dolls will not return. Neither will monkey bombs. Zombies: Asian zombies (similar to the ones found in Shi No Numa), gassers return, Samurai zombies (special round) Pack-a-Punch: The pack-a-punch will be located in the highest room of the tallest tower (i know it sounds like a fairytale) of the map, near the center of the map. Three generators in different parts of the map must be activated (after the power is turned on). A very large elevator must be linked to the mainframe (found in the starting area). Players must then take the elevator (no charge) up to the pack-a-punch and the perk-a-punch. Both upgrade machines will be blocking the doorway so players cannot leave the elevator. Luckily this is a zombie free zone and as soon as the elevator leaves, all zombies will retreat to the mainframe (starting area) where you can pick them off from the tower like in Kino. After 60 seconds, the elevator doors will close and players will be transported back down to the rest of the map again. To take the elevator again, players do not need to hook up the three generators again. They only need to link the elevator to the mainframe again to go back to the machines. Attachment Box: Not all attachments will be included in the box, mostly because many attachments only apply to certain guns. The attachments included will be extended mags, dual mags, rapid fire, red dot sight, reflex sight, improved iron sight, infrared zoom, grip, masterkey, and flamethrower. Even if certain guns do not have some of these attachments in multiplayer, they will be able to be equipped with all of them in zombies. The attachment box locations will reside right next the mystery box (always just to the right). All spots will be marked with a teddy bear just like the mystery box locations. If you cannot tell which box is which, the mystery box will have glowing blue question marks like usual and the attachment box will have glowing green question marks. However, you should be able to tell because if the box is on the right and a teddy bear is on the left, you know it's an attachment box an vice versa. Fire sales also spawn all attachment box locations and they will all cost 10 points. Normally the attachment box costs 500 points. It moves when you get a teddy bear and the same animation will occur as if you got the teddy bear in the normal box. If you are downed, you will lose your attachments (unless you have immortal spell), only one attachment allowed on each gun. If you die, you will lose your attachments. Perk-a-Punch: Located right next to the pack-a-punch. Costs 7500. When used, a menu will pop up so that you can choose which perk to upgrade (you must currently own the regular version of a perk to upgrade it). You can tell the difference because instead of having a picture of a gun on it, it will have a picture of a soda bottle. The following upgrades will occur for each perk: Juggernog = Juggernog 2.0 (zombies will take 9 hits instead of 5 to down you) Speed Cola = Lightning Cola (instant reload, ADS much faster, switch between guns instantly) PHD Flopper = Sonic Boom (instead of explosion, thundergun like shockwave emits around you killing zombies in the radius and throwing their corpses into other zombies which will knock them over and slow them down) ONLY WHEN YOU DIVE OFF HIGH AREA, you can also create explosion by diving on a flat surface or even uphill but this will only cause the explosion that PHD flopper had) Quick Revive = Insta-Revive [note - cannot be upgraded in solo] (allows you to instantly revive a teammate by tapping X twice (on xbox 360)) Flaming Vodka = Liquid Nitrogen (all rounds are incedinary but also slightly freeze zombies slowing them down, zombies hit will not only take damage over a period of time after being shot but will move slower as well) Agility Whiskey = Acrobatics (Triple movement speed, unlimited sprint, 5 times jump height, still 3 times dive distance) Guardian Wine = Immortal Spell (when downed, you do not lose any perks or attachments including this one, if you die, you do not lose your perks (except for immortal spell) and you do not lose your guns, but you will still lose any attachments that you have on your guns) Please note that this is not necessarily my ideal zombie map, nor is it designed to be a fan favorite. This is simply what I think is most likely going to happen in the future, probably after firing range zombies map which there is tons of proof for. Please leave feedback!!!!! I want to know what you think of this idea and what you would change.
  6. maybe the next step that everybody is looking for is blatently stated in this code. every gun is labeled false except thundergun, there have also been countless theories about how not enough power leads to nothing and too much leads to DMs but what about the right amount, the guy usually says system overload when we unload everything. maybe if we can find a way to just activate it using the thundergun, something will happen, just an idea
  7. this has been posted before but i just want to remind you all that when you glitch off of the lander and run on that building, there is an invisible door that costs 1500, could this have something to do with it, i know it's probably something that Treyarch was just too lazy to delete but it's worth bringing up
  8. we shot: the door behind quick revive the door outside the pack-a-punch area the centrifuge perk machines an entire round of zombies the sparking generator outside the starting room near the stamin up alley the unplugged box in the middle of the stamin up area the moon the orb a gersch device the casimir device i'll post more if i remember more
  9. You're right about Discovery but it's location is somewhere in Russia. Kowloon is actually in Japan, not China IT'S IN F---ING CHINA! (hong kong)
  10. 3arch? wow, that's a coincidence... haha
  11. You are definitely the smartest person I've actually seen on a forum about the ascension easter egg. I felt stupid reading your post because I have gone searching for the answer through forums and have not once thought to actually group together failed ideas to eliminate them. Hopefully, this thread will help eliminate the wild crazy theories that some people come up with. You definitely get rep for this.
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