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  1. whenever i glitch or try to, i always make sure to do it on solo and right after i do it i just stop playing that game lols
  2. why hasnt nobody else voted for firing range, theirs prook all over the place, even on the back of the bullets it says tank dempsey
  3. wtf r u trynna say dude???? :? :? :? :| :| :| :geek: :geek:
  4. more then likely it was my post u so saw
  5. http://s1196.photobucket.com/albums/aa416/theJackalMan/?action=view&current=DSC01237.jpg yeeeaaaa
  6. has to be our only hope atm i think. if there was anything else, it would have been done. look how quickly everything progressed at first.... then everything just stopped. i'm not holding my breath though; if i'm being honest i think we have reached the end of the road, and there won't be anything else (nothing major anyway)..... hope i'm wrong. god almighty i hope your wrong to hahahaha
  7. im guessing he looks weird as a side effect of the element 115
  8. :shock: :shock: woah...you trynna diss me son? 8-)
  9. :o :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: it couldve been John Hancock from Hancock the movie with Will Smith...im just sayin.
  10. i was about to post the same thing, problem is pc players just like Ps3 players have to wait a month :cry:
  11. has anybody tried letting the rocket launch and see what happens?
  12. im pretty sure that this isnt all of the Easter Eggs, not trynna ball bust or nothing but im just saying, then again what do i know i play on the PS3 lol 8-)
  13. Good Luck, your gonna need it, i have to wait a month to help lols
  14. i dont think anybody knows yet, but in time it will be found.....just not by us ps3 players :cry:
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