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  1. Hey guys Josh again, check out my montage on youtube:) http://www.youtube.com/user/xXGRIMREAPAXx?feature=mhum
  2. Hey Guys, other than playing zombies, ive developed another skill- quickscoping check out my youtube vid, its called the human aimbot my name is xXGRIMREAPAXx
  3. i was playing kino, and the dogs came, and when i killed the last one, richoften said, "nooo!, not the preicous puppy!" bahahaha
  4. hey guys, josh here i was playing kino yesterday, and i used the PaP machine a few times, and i ended up getting the galil and commando together PaP'D. Which is my ultimate, and favourite combo. so whats yours?
  5. leave him alone, its his first post
  6. hey guyss, i was surfing the net a few days ago, and theres alot of videos of people glitching the death machine, making you have it for the rest of the game, and the person said that you have to get the death machine drop thing from a zombie, and then your partener goes down on purpose, while with the death machine, you go and revive your partener and you should have unlimited death machine. but you cant get a death machine drop thing ever again otherwise it would reset the death machine. i was just wondering if its true or not, and if it is, how many of you have ever done it? thanks, josh (xXIHEARTZOMBIESXx)
  7. 21 with four people, im sorta bad at zombies, though im getting better. the other three guys in the match didnt even go down once, and i went down like 7 times:s

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