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  1. I just had a thought. We have never been 100% sure as to what were in those containers on Kino. These "denizens" seem like they would fit inside quite snugly.
  2. The aug, I believe its on the front of the stage under the auto turret? Edit: I was obviously ninja'd!
  3. They have no reason to go there, Richtofen has everything he needs. I think they do. Richtofen has parts he needs to make a flying Vril craft that can time travel. Hmm, where is a good place to find an alien-like craft? Area 51. I think that Richtofen and crew might actually be going to Area 51 to obtain said craft and, well, do whatever they are going to do. But, yeah, there's my two cents.....
  4. Gary was also a pokemon character But anyway, this Brock, reminds me a lot of Gersch, in that he is trapped in the temple. PREDICTION: the Easter egg is freeing him! Maybe......but only time will tell......
  5. Great observations, never even thought of anything like this, so [brains] for you!
  6. Not sure if this is significant or not, but did anyone notice, during the part when it showed the skinny zombie swinging at the screen, there was writing on his arm right below the elbow.....
  7. At the end, the guy with the hat-ish looking thing on, screaming, who the heck is he? New boss? And the new gun, not sure at all what it could do, but, I am soooo excited!
  8. I have a feeling this map is going to be a well crafted combination of CotD and Ascension. I think there will be many close quarter areas and a few open areas, but I think overall it will be evenly balanced. Im, just, VERY, excited, so Im not thinking straight, so, yeah...... :oops:
  9. Explain? When was this confirmed? To all disbelievers, the man who does the Inside Xbox videos, Ryan Triet, had this to say on Twitter: "Now that it's announced, I can confirm our interview with @DavidVonderhaar and @danskdansk at E3 was about Annihilation Map Pack! #blackops" Isn't there already an Inside Xbox video on the four regular multiplayer maps? Maybe the interview was only on these.
  10. Hey man, these are really cool, you did a great job with all of them! Is there any way, that if you get some free time, you could make me the one with Takeo and Matt1421 on it, but instead, can it have fuselage321 on it? Please, do not prioritize me, I just thought it would be cool to have one of your sick avatars.

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