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  1. i gives u brains cus u deserves them congrats on first [brains]
  2. Is garry's mod a machinima maker or is it a game ive been confused for a while now
  3. I don't even know why i have most of mine on there i really only use Chrome but ya some people have their whole screen covered in docs and programs. I have been using audacity recently though lol its really fun to beatbox and rap then layer it together
  4. Good idea i made a photobucket just to upload this WORD 2000 FTW My background is just one of the defaults on my comp Lol look at the window that minimized thats this thread
  5. Well if the 8 point star was introduced by Islam then it obviously came after Judaism which is the basis of Christianity and Islam.
  6. Do we know how Romero got "zombiefied" 115? I bet the ship had some on it as there was either a teleporter in that secret room or something. Romero also says in the intro something about 115 and all that crazy shit happening right here.
  7. i though shoot everything would like unlock a secret door or something but idk

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