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  1. Welcome to CoDz! I have added you on PSN :D
  2. Welcome to CoDz! :D
  3. This, IMO, looks to be the best BO map pack yet :D
  4. 00:59 you can see jug just before the wall comes down (On the trailer not the inside xbox) dRopMDG65BQ Not the best quality but ah well...
  5. Oh I didn't read the post correct, yes if you have ensemble cast/stand in then its always a wunderwaffe, otherwise a death machine.
  6. I'm not sure if this is right, but usually if the host has done the easter egg at any point in time, and they kill George, solo, or co-op, any time, he drops the WunderWaffe. Yeah, thats right :D
  7. It better not end up like the VR-11 where they just run away and no zombies follow -.-
  8. Lets hope the actual trailer makes up for the wait .
  9. On the COD youtube channel, it says on the black ops playlist that something was uploaded 2 minutes ago.
  10. Its out in the UK, so it should be around in Australia soon, dunno about America, anyone know if its out over there yet?
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