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  1. That's bull... Thanks Jib for CSP, cant believe my power went out. :lol:
  2. I think it's a dead zombie floating in the no gravity zone. I'm pretty sure the Cosmic Silverback is not on moon. I also think that the Cosmic Silverback was/is strictly for Dead Ops.


    I can't believe that Treyarch made D.O.A so that when your teammate loses all of their lives, you give them yours. I was playing with 3 random people (bunch of noobs) and they kept dying on the first rounds. They all had no lives left, I had 3. As they kept needing to be revived, I was getting pretty mad. I heard the life (holy) sound, and i had a life " "... then a second later I looked at my score and saw that I had no lives. :? I was like "WHAT?", then of course I died. I went on the COD Wiki to see what happened... So apparently when somebody loses all of their lives and you have at least one, you give them it, in trade for a bonus. But I would rather have a life. Its just not fair. :evil: It's like if a teammate died in Zombies you lost your guns.
  4. This is a video that came out days before the map came out. I don't know if this was already figured out by anybody, or if it was posted on the forum. I think this stuff is right. This guy deserves more than just 4,000 views on this.
  5. Hello everybody, I'm Shane. My PSN is ROCKnROLLER13, and I'm looking for some people who are good at zombies. :P
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