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  1. twiggerto

    TV Easter Egg Solved ! Source of ripped radio broadcasts

    Its in the farm area inside of the little house on the back right wall of the first room
  2. twiggerto

    TV Easter Egg Solved ! Source of ripped radio broadcasts

    Lol pulling an all-nighter
  3. twiggerto

    TV Easter Egg Solved ! Source of ripped radio broadcasts

    And about the global polarization devices. It seems as though antenna polarization is the main part. Considering that it is ontop of the tower an because it can direct radio waves or radation. Now, this is complete speculation, however i believe that we could be going overseas in te next map. Paris is still an option as one might have to do the same thing on te eiffel tower (wishful thinking). Nu i can promise that maxists plan is to attempt to terminate the zombies via electro magnetic pulse. Think about it. He sent the bombs (probably nuclear devices which cause emps) to terminate the zombies. And when you throw an emp it passifie a zombie. Also the voices are back and seem to be getting more talkitive. Tell me your thoughts and theories guys
  4. twiggerto

    TV Easter Egg Solved ! Source of ripped radio broadcasts

    The coordinate give a location within the nevada proving grounds. Also, this location is very close to area 51. Could possibly be hinting that nuketown might have a larger purpose in the backstory
  5. twiggerto

    Dubstep in Black Ops 2 Zombies?

    Ummmmm ima go with rage valley by knife party... Really anything by knife party lol. Possibly organ donor by zomboy
  6. twiggerto

    Paw print

    hey just got back from spring break!!! but has any 1 noticed that the painting on the wall points toward the moon... seriously take a look at it 1 more time and tell me that it doesn’t look like a hint about going to the moon.
  7. twiggerto

    We need your ideas for zombie shirts!

    no we need 1 that is super legit, and 1 that is really funny.......
  8. twiggerto

    We need your ideas for zombie shirts!

    ..... guy seriously consider my idea..... a PAP’d gun with the bullet going into zombies on the front, and the blood trail continues onto the back and spells CODZ
  9. twiggerto

    Next wonder weapon idea

    something that could slow down time would be EPIC. it could kinda fit in w/ the backstroke too, but i doubt it will happen. in my opinion there needs to be a weapon that just blows everything up, like an Anarchy, but much more powerful and bigger. In ‘Mericuh bigger guns are always better.
  10. twiggerto

    Next wonder weapon idea

    technically speaking it isn’t a laser. it shoots concentrated microwave radiation i believe
  11. twiggerto

    Next wonder weapon idea

    well they did lightning/thunder/ice/radiation/black hole....so here are some ideas that aren’tvery realistic. -telekinesis -mind control -laser -gun that alters the earth in some way (like spikes shoot up through the ground, or a fissure opens up) -CHAINSAW FTW -something that is extremely interactive w/ the environment and layout of the game
  12. twiggerto

    We need your ideas for zombie shirts!

    shooting a zombie w/ any gun. the blood splatter would say CODZ (on back). the poster w/ the characters holding wonder weapons, but adie glocke in the background w/ at the nazi symbol illuminated and dead zombies at their feet. (on front). could do this in photoshop but since i got a new computer i cant download it >:P
  13. twiggerto

    Where do YOU want the next zombies map?

    zombie polarbears FTW. lol i would kill myself the first time i faced them.

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