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  1. Its in the farm area inside of the little house on the back right wall of the first room
  2. Supposedly DLC 2 is supposed to be on a ship. If u add me on xbox i can tell you more. My GT is twiggerto
  3. Guys...listen to the radios...Maxist talks about polarization...the tower in the game sinply acts as an antenna, to distribute radiation/create an electric field. It has nothing to do with brainwashing people/zombies. Its all about polarization. In my personal opinion i think that he is attempting to make a relay of some sorts to make an emp maybe? (Emp grenades pacify zombies so earth-wide emp pacifies all zombies
  4. New proof from the TV on tranzit proves that maxist "Dun Fucked Up". He says before he shoots the rockets that "the calculations are done". But in the TV on tranzit he says that his calculations were incorrect out of haste, but that he has a plan B. his plan B is to activate "Global Polarization Devices". I think that there is also a little hint of how maxist communicates. He is only able to communicate through radio waves and thus can talk through a tv. However the electricity generated by turning on the power. This explains why we only hear him through radios on the maps. He couldnt communicate to the original characters before because of all the interference. It could just be that he blew up earth kinda so that he could save what was left by fully being able totake charge and telling people what to do. I still think maxist is just an overworked father who has been exposed to too much 115. He might be insane...but at least he doesnt have voices in his head telling him what to do...lol
  5. And about the global polarization devices. It seems as though antenna polarization is the main part. Considering that it is ontop of the tower an because it can direct radio waves or radation. Now, this is complete speculation, however i believe that we could be going overseas in te next map. Paris is still an option as one might have to do the same thing on te eiffel tower (wishful thinking). Nu i can promise that maxists plan is to attempt to terminate the zombies via electro magnetic pulse. Think about it. He sent the bombs (probably nuclear devices which cause emps) to terminate the zombies. And when you throw an emp it passifie a zombie. Also the voices are back and seem to be getting more talkitive. Tell me your thoughts and theories guys
  6. The coordinate give a location within the nevada proving grounds. Also, this location is very close to area 51. Could possibly be hinting that nuketown might have a larger purpose in the backstory
  7. Ummmmm ima go with rage valley by knife party... Really anything by knife party lol. Possibly organ donor by zomboy
  8. has any1 done it yet? and what happens when all 4 ppl get the focus stone?
  9. This actually might make a lot of sense. A lot of Nazi officials and scientists went to places like Argentina in South America, but what was the real cause for them going there???? bum bum buuuuuuuum.
  10. put a youtube video up or some audio to confirm this plz!
  11. ROFL....i too angled to see you, b/c there is no more chat on this site we haven’t actually chatted in forever..................*cough* cause of carbon *cough*......nahh Carbon I
  12. hey guys, haven’t been on the forum in a while, but i wanna see what you guys think about my idea for more traps in the future! MY IDEA: A larger variety of traps, such as instead of ones that you must activate, you can shoot them, to slow the zombies down or kill them. Maybe something like if you shoot s rocket at something unstable then it could collapse, damaging possibly both you and the zombie. I really liked how they kinda incorporated something like this into the underpass in Discovery. Shooting at ropes to cut them and spring a trap would also be nice. maybe even the ability to create your OWN traps would give the game a much more realistic sense, and they kinda sorta not really did this on five, where you had to find the power source for the trap. But I’m saying that they should hide a wide variety of things around the map and make us put them together, with an extreme amount of traps possible to create. ie find a string, find a net, find small rocks = make a tripwire trap that buries zombies in rocks, dealing damage/slowing the zombies down as they dig out of the rubble. Reason: It would make the map soooooooo much more interactive and realistic, due to the fact that you are able to manipulate the environment in many ways + it would give a wider variety of strategy and traps to use. -thoughts? comments?
  13. srry that vie been gnu for so long! but on a more serious note, if she tells one of the guys to do something i will make it my priority over self survival to see her get owned by 50 zombies........sexist?
  14. twiggerto

    Paw print

    hey just got back from spring break!!! but has any 1 noticed that the painting on the wall points toward the moon... seriously take a look at it 1 more time and tell me that it doesn’t look like a hint about going to the moon.
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