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    What iffff (Moon ideas discussion, come join!)

    Hell im just ready to kill some undead bastards , Im itching to get this map pack and own every zombie alive , and get my xbox live Gold back . If you wanna rock this map like everyone else BUT , wen a pro player who has a mic , someone who kills zombies for a living , and enjoys doing it , Gamertag = FallenTFOs I have been to atleast lvl 30 on every map including the WaW maps , except for Shangri-la which i think i got 19 or 20+ . not sure havent been on a while. i wont get live until the day the maps come out. So feel free to add me, But please be sure u have made it past 20+ on every map , you have a mic, and your not a squeaker unless your good. -Everytime i look in the sky and see the full moon. i always tell myself " I will be on that Moon. and when i get there, ima kill every last one of you"-
  2. TheFallen0ne

    The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    im Takeo- Nikolai. Nikolai at my best. Have no way to show proof. So sucks for me >
  3. TheFallen0ne

    How Far Have you Gotten?

    I can solo any map and get to 25+. I just choose not to cause it gets boring to me, so i force myself to die, and it gets alittle scary playing by myself since i have no1 to pick me up. But i hate going down so i hardly even go down at all cause im " NOT READY TO DIE" !!! Shit if i can rmr any of my levels.. Well all i can say is i get above 20+ in any map. highest round is 40s?? Im the ultimate Zombie killer, its as if Tank and the Terminator had babies. i hate zombies, i kill them for fun , wish it was my job, id get paid by the kills baby !!!
  4. TheFallen0ne

    The Richtofen Shrine

    FOR NEW PEOPLE.: How does he have all those perks? The meteorite. Awesome i know! But this is whats fucked up. Treyarch shuld ATLEAST give the other players something. think abt it. Each easter egg gives ONE player something . CoTD Gives the player who frees them a wunderwaffe. Shangri-La whoever gets the meteorite gets all perks. Now, Treyarch, last time i checked it takes ALL 4 players to communicate and work together to do each easter egg. So now.. why wuld you give ONE player ALL the credit? i say atleast give the other players alittle something. not big ! but atleast its something. In Shangri-La. the person who gets the meteor gets all perks, one other player gets a ray gun , the other gets a wunderwaffe, and the other i guess gets a free perk . I say its only fair and makes sense since all players wasted their time doing the easter egg. and no a picture and an achievement dont count -.- Back wen i gave a crap abt achievements lol.
  5. TheFallen0ne

    Theory for Picture with no one in it

    Takeo is the ONLY one who had a date of death on his file. I dont have proof and cant show you the files but everyone knows it . IDK whose going to replace him, and Sophia? comon guys , Sophia is the assistant of Maxis, u can hear her name from the radio in the dog glitch of Der Riese under cat walk and quick revive of teleporter C ( giving all the info for new people ) i thought she would be dead or not even mentioned at all. she was just an assistant who was there, i didnt know much of her except for the radio. I think she was at the convention though when Maxis made his speech to Hitler and others at Kino Der Toten BEFORE it was destroyed and looked like of course Kino. But it doesnt make sense how it would be Sophia when the picture is a guy. but then again who knows cause we already got a girl in the new map CALL OF THE DEAD. btw .. TOMORROW BIG DAY BABY GONNA PLAY THAT SHIET! WHO WANNA GET TO ROUND 30 ON THAT HOE!? =D
  6. TheFallen0ne

    Who do you think had the worst death in the cod series?

    id have to say when Ghost and Roach died, i was like " aww thats bullshit!" seeing your own character died in front of you, and the COOLEST soldier ever to be in cod, ghost, the one who hides his face with shades, and a skull bandana, how beast does he look!? and u have to watch him get shot in front of you and you got stabbed. another death that i found was sad was the Russian soldier you play in WaW and ended up being on the snow mission with Reznov in Black Ops, i didnt know that was him till sum1 pointed it out to me but damn,! i didnt know that was him from WaW! thats insane! watching your OLD player die in front of you with gas, thats just damn. so IMO... - Ghost and Roach's death was the saddest to a part where you wanna skip the death. - Guy from WaW - Black ops whats his name? i forgot sorry. was the worst death ever, as in goddamn thats a harsh thing to watch, watching your friend AND your old character died in front of your eyes with Nova gas. - Bowman i got pissed at his death. HE WOULD BE THE FIRST ONE TO DIE SINCE HES BLACK! jk but Bowman was cool, later to found out he was Ice Cube! =D - Woods was a " u got balls" death, he killed himself to protect Mason. - Nikolai ( not really his name in campaign but if you know Zombies and played campaign then you will know who im talking about) got burnt! thats an ouch!! but he didnt die though, so doesnt really count.
  7. TheFallen0ne

    Perk-a-Cola stickers

    dude i so wanna do this project of making the bottles, i just wanna have em in there in my room =D also having the PhD and Stamin-up. and also those posters are beast! Verruckt! damn, old times =D
  8. TheFallen0ne

    Zombie Storyline and Ascension Clues

    where did u find the file for takeo? O_o and death rate? so hes gonna die!? =O wut they are gonna kill him?

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