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  1. i dont see how people think having mule kick makes the game way easier. no it really doesnt. it all depends on how u survive and kill those undead bastards. having 3 guns aint shit . no compared to wut i used to deal with back at Der Riese in WaW with the gun glitch . 3 guns is just a bit help, to me that is , but its still helpful and badass to have mule kick on all maps :DDD now i can rape more in Call of the Dead , i can own in Shangri la. and i can finally obliterate those fking annoying tiny stupid monkeys !!!!! Fuck five, ill never go back to that map even if i was getting paid, only 2 floors i can use to run around , bottom floor being a big ass NO. But in Kino.. heh , with Mule kick, i am mutha fucking GOD!!!!
  2. The Reason why ALL the characters [ of course besides Richtofen ] their memories were erased , so they had to have a different personality and memories. Tank only remembers hating richtofen . Nikolai only "powers" up by vodka and remembers his wives, while takeo remembers and have his personality of Honor, but it was said that since Takeo lost his memory FASTER than the other 2 , he REGAIN his memory faster than the others , apparently to Richtofen, Takeo was on the verge of losing his mind. He was going completely insane. So wen he lost his memory , honor was the only thing like you said, keeping him from remembering or trying to . i sorta notice that Takeo changes after each map pack, of course, his memory is recovering faster than the others, Nikolai being the weakest so its easier for richtofen to control etc. As for Tank. Not sure , but all i can say he is the moderate one for memory among the group.
  3. we already know the team is the 4 originals... the fuck.. And being the last map, having different characters wuld suck, so having the original team best fits it. Unless u have apollo team back from time , and thats only 3 of em. so yeah.
  4. WOW!!! amazing . im still having a hard time figuring out shangri-la , weird, and the years are just unknown , D: gotta know the years , still awesome though [brains]
  5. i accept this challenge ! i can do it ! i know i can , im a zombie fucking killer ! need 3 other people with mics to try the easter egg and fight the zombie horde till 100 , -do it fast - do it quick, -dont get near the spaceman , -stay alive, -stay together , -dont do stupid shit , -dont hog the box -be smart Lets do this easter egg [ sucks my stupid ass brother took the damn turtle beaches, ] Gamertag = FallenTFOs
  6. goddamnit i havent done the easter egg !!! i need to do it so i can know more of the story , fuckk, i need to know how the hell earth even got destroyed in the first place , like wtf? a meteor destroyed it ? And i hope this isnt the last map, its a good map and all but shit , i wuld still want to kill more zombies , their on the moon, they have all these cool gadgets , use em, freeze yourself into the future , and bring us zombies ! BTW it wuld be weird , if they froze themselves again too much into the future like CoTD , that they ended up in mw3's survival mode , reasons there will be zombies ? nah i heard there wont be zombies in mw3 so eh wont expect it lol. but i do expect more zombies , hopefully, there needs to be ! we need to kill more !!! the blood isnt enough !!
  7. "I Pledge Allegiance to Treyarch, of the Call of Duty Zombies Team, We will kill those Undead Bastards with every gun we got , with every breath , and every level , we will never back down , We shall kill them , Cause We're not Ready to Die !" Gotta get this map ! Im Ready !!! Gamertag - FallenTFOs - Every time i look up in the sky and see the full moon, i always say , " im gonna go to the moon, and ima kill every last one of you"-
  8. You guys Realize the reason its spelled like that is because Der REISE means The "Journey" or "Travel" , thus to the moon . But we wont know more until we play the maps and the moon and find out .
  9. Hopefully we can use the OLD weapons from WaW and possibly NEW weapons from MW2 , shit this map is gonna be badass, i cant wait till it comes out so i can kill those zombies , I gotta see the guns they r gonna put in , hopefully like i said they will put in the old and maybe new weapons, make it the best last map made , im ready to kill zombies . - Everytime i look in the sky and see the full moon. I say to myself everytime " ill be on the moon . And ima kill every single last one of u undead bastards"-
  10. Hell im just ready to kill some undead bastards , Im itching to get this map pack and own every zombie alive , and get my xbox live Gold back . If you wanna rock this map like everyone else BUT , wen a pro player who has a mic , someone who kills zombies for a living , and enjoys doing it , Gamertag = FallenTFOs I have been to atleast lvl 30 on every map including the WaW maps , except for Shangri-la which i think i got 19 or 20+ . not sure havent been on a while. i wont get live until the day the maps come out. So feel free to add me, But please be sure u have made it past 20+ on every map , you have a mic, and your not a squeaker unless your good. -Everytime i look in the sky and see the full moon. i always tell myself " I will be on that Moon. and when i get there, ima kill every last one of you"-
  11. Guys , if your talking about when that general looking soldier guy shot the wave [ double ray gun looking ] at the ZOMBIE in the space suit , thats a zombie in a space suit ? obviously they are testing the gun on the zombies to see what wuld happen , as for the other one , no shit zombies can wear space suits , their in space, some other zombies has different kind of space suits , NASA n shit .
  12. The zombie in the end was the Real Live Trailer that got posted up now , its the nova 6 crawler , obviously , lol.
  13. The Ammo-matic is important no matter what . its just up to the players , whether they waste their points on the ammo-matic, killing them in the process cause of no points, camping wuld be no reason to, Ammo-matic will be needed 25+ or atleast 30. Max ammo gets very scarce in the further rounds and it will be needed to survive, You cant keep hitting the box hoping to get a good gun wen u get a crappy gun and end up going down, So Ammo-matic ! do your thing and help us !
  14. hopefully Der Reise has sum change ups, i didnt think Der Riese was actually finished . But the main reason why the name changed is cause its translated into The " Journey" or " Travel". Riese was "Giant" cant wait for this map pack ! im ready to kill some zombies !!!!!!!
  15. GUYS. the reason why its called Der Reise instead of Riese. is because Der RIESE, was The Giant, Der REISE is the Journey or Travel. Thats why its spelled diff, duh, lol, and as for the Rezurrection, hell i figured they wanted to make it look original and awesome looking so they added the Z , and cause its ZOMBIES, so figured they wuld put a Z instead of a S. But i cant wait for this map . its gonna be fuking badass ! hopefully they changed a bit in the new maps, maybe new characters or just the same fine with me, but made it diff alittle, cause hell i already played on the revamped WaW maps, i dont wanna play em again being the same, hopefully they changed sumthin in it, make it look different since its the final map pack n shit.
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