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  1. Sorry for the late reply, i was at my gf's house all night. If you ever wana search im on xboxlive Sounded like fun man . But im a PS3 user though so i cant use xboxlive.
  2. Nah its ok i just wanted to see someone do a bit more with it, aw well thanks anyways.
  3. This. It's over guys...just a huge, anticlimactic, disappointing easter egg... Yea i kinda picked up on that about half way through the easter egg lol and so did alot of people i think, but i just didnt want to admit it , aw well it was fun for awhile i guess.
  4. Ok off topic but serioursly? why the hell am i getting negitive brains just for stating facts? and i checked who gave me them and it just people who havnt even posted on this forum, im not sayin you did anything wrong but im just asking some questions and wanted some answers and i got negitive brains instead, not very nice now is it...
  5. "I hate you dempsey. I hate your ugly voice" - my fav. richtofen quote I thought it was ''I hate you dempsey, i even hate your eyes.'' correct me if im wrong though.
  6. He said he played on his cousins xbox... Yes now it says that but before he changed it it clearly said ps3 so im wondering why?
  7. are the phones on acension the same as the ones on the map ''five''?? ive played five but not acension so i wouldnt know.
  8. You're right about Discovery but it's location is somewhere in Russia. Kowloon is actually in Japan, not China
  9. i think they all just say the qoutes that they normally say when they are low on ammo? JFK--I need some beans for the chowder. Fidel--( I cant remember his one never really listen to him) Nixon-- ARRROOOOOOO (Howling) nacamara??-- 2x0 is still zero? maybe? or w.e else he says when low on ammo.
  10. Stop bumping old threads. Especially when your post makes no sense. *Removed* daaaaaammmm so much hatin, yall need to chill out.
  11. I would like to check this thing out but i could never find it. its the one when you open the dressin room door if your coming from the speed cola room, then there should be a red mark (blood stain) on the manikin(sp?) that is faceing the door you just opened.
  12. I see this; But why is there a door up there? Honestly man i dont know :roll:, maybe just decoration??
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