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  1. Can you make me one carbon? just put the joker in it or something like that i would love it if you could do it thanks.
  2. It's the nature of message boards, sometimes we all need to just calm down, hit the pipe and chill. YES! best advice ever :lol:
  3. xlStonedlx

    Paw print

    Ive seen that add, but im sure i didnt see any dogs climbing up a rocket??
  4. He's so perverted and weird haha another reason why i dont want him to go :lol:
  5. aww cmon i wanted it to be takio he is my least favorite, plus richtofen is funny what with all the things he says lol
  6. Aww a part of me wanted it to be true, ah well brains to you for finding him out [brains] Thanks I'm actually new here, but wanted to let ppl now this is fake... How do i give or get brains? im new myself just joined so i could share some lil easters eggs, idk how to give you brains or how to get them, tell me and i will brains you :]
  7. Aww a part of me wanted it to be true, ah well brains to you for finding him out [brains]

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