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  1. I personally thing the death machines are not the end. Either we have to wait for PS3 & PC to get it to continue, or we are missing something....
  2. [brains] For actually having some. Thank you for having some sense about the batteries. I 100% agree with you BTW
  3. You guys also forgot the countless hours working in a sweatshop to buy the xbox 360, live, microsoft points, and the game.
  4. Just got to round 29 with Mr Rofl Waffles on the forums here Final Stats Score: 115410 Kills: 1030 Downs: 14 (Ran around 28 & 29 w/o juggernog -.-) Revives: 10 Headshots: 67 EDIT: @ Snowdog: You don't suck, you just need to play with people that don't suck. Like... NOT prepubescent randoms.... Besides, you don't have to be good at the game to find secrets.
  5. We need to spell out LUNA (Already confirmed to be the forth node) Guys, he says we need more powah when you throw the Gersch device at the lights for Node 5... What gun in Ascension has power.... The ray gun ofcourse! You reload it using batteries! Could this have anything to do with the next Node?
  6. What if you toss some of those dolls into the Black Hole whilst he is saying something about the outline? Or maybe throwing it on top of the centrifuge while it is spinning? Or what I said a second ago? We need people trying theses things!! 'Cmon Strwrsbob 'n' fibah, thy these things out asap and get back to us please! (Or anyone reading this that has the other four.)
  7. Well, I have been sitting here for the past hour trying to figure out what the fifth node is.... I have a theory... Ever since the first map, we have seen "You must ascend from darkness." I thought "Ok, the map's name is Ascension, ascending is pretty much rising up into the air to arrive at Heaven's doorstep." Then I thought about darkness... "What is darkness... darkness... is black.... it is dull.. it is... The starting room when it is black and white?" The only way to ascend on this map is the landers "You must ascend from darkness." "Activate the portal." So now my theory, if it is possible, why not throw a Gersch Device down on the lander the short time that it is sitting still after "ascending" from the home pad/starting room. This could teleport the lander it's self as well as you or only you.... That is, if you can throw one down on the lander, of course..... anyone willing to try?
  8. I just got out of a game with 3 other randomers, except one dropped out on round 5. We made it to round 29 (beastly) until we were all out of ammo and the lander was re-fueling. My stats were.. Perks Bought Juggernog : 3 Speed Cola: 1 Quick revive: 1 Earned from monkeys: PhD flopper, Quick Revive. End Game Statistics Total Kills:965 Total points: 128320 Total Downs: 4 Total Revives: 15 Total Headshots:173 Weapons Earned From Box H&K 21 (PaP) Gersch device AUG (x2) (PaP) Ray Gun (PaP) CZ75 Dual Wield (PaP) Oh, has anyone gotten the dolls out of the box yet? I pissed away 50k worth of points on the box in one round and never got them.
  9. Is available, meaning has the time/ability to moderate the forums everyday. - I usually hop on CoDZ whenever I get home from school, until about midnight. Is dependable, meaning I don't have to worry about your moderating actions. - I won't start going carpenter (Zombie reference) with the ban-hammer, nor will I flash it like a shiny badge. Is logical, meaning knows what is acceptable and what is not. - I believe I do. I have been making decisions for my whole life, as have everyone. Most of the decisions being very smart and correct. Is friendly, meaning an upstanding community member. -I haven't gotten any negative [brains] and try to respect everyone's opinions. Is a veteran, someone who has been on CoDz for a while and understands how we do things. -I haven't been on for a while, but I do understand the mechanics, as I have been on many forms before. For CoDZ it is basically -No spamming -No cursing -No "trolling" or "flame bating" -Most importantly, NO Henry Langham (added for teh lulz) Is old, meaning at least 17+ years old. (the age is not a permanent thing, it is preferred but not set in stone) -I am only 15, however, I try to act mature as possible. I also try to use the best grammar. Is humble, meaning does not gloat, or use the mod status for anything other than helping me and the site. -I wouldn't think of anything else. That is the reason mods are mods, correct? Is understanding, meaning you understand my methods of doing things. - I comprehend what you would like. Trust me, I listen as closely as possible. I had to listen to a retired Marine Corps Master Sergeant for three semesters already. I understand if I do not get chosen due to lack of experience on the forums and age, there are far more experienced people to choose, I just thought I might give it a shot.
  10. I made a t-shit I had been thinking about doing a while ago, and when I came across this post, I thought I would draw it up real quick. The text for "Take a tugg, on that sweet, sweet Jugg!" wasn't what I wanted. I would like to have a more curvy, worn text. Oh well, though. Tell me what you think!
  11. 3,100.... Don't believe me, add me on XBL and check it on the [email protected] leaderboards. Legitimately, without glitching, me and 3 others made it to 43.
  12. So you are saying that this Turns into this Just a few things. How/where did he get the glasses? Where is the lack of bullet wound to the head? How did he get from China to the US, dead? If he was at the Pentagon, and he is killed by Kennedy, Macnamera, Castro, and Nixon, while being the scientist, how does he make it to China, to get beaten, and then shot?

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