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  1. If it's an auto-darkening mask, you get -50 points, play wearing one with a shade of 12 that people use when Air Carbon Arc Cutting, and then I'll be impressed. Oh, and guys, he was obviously just trying to bring something new to the table and is bummed out it's being taken as a joke. I think it would be a pretty cool challenge, and I'll try it on Friday.
  2. Alright, well, most people that were around, making topics and posts in the months leading up to Ascension, know who I am, and my effort to get a series together explaining the CoD Zombies story line. Little did I know, it would fall through due to poor planing and the fact that in the following weeks, I started getting raped by school work. Luckily, I have been able to take a break from Homework, studying and Minecraft to start becoming more active on the forums. It wasn't only school work, though, that slowed my posts. I'm a Sophomore (10th grade) in high school, soon to be a Junior, and little did I know, my social life started blossoming do to a friend getting his license, so that had to do with it. I decided to come back because of the new Zombies map. Unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees, and most of my spare money goes toward lunch/gas money. I'm hoping soon I'll be able to get the new maps, and with summer coming up, it will be highly likely I'll be helluva more active here, despite me applying for jobs anywhere & everywhere. Anyways, just thought I'd post, saying hey to everyone again, and that I'm back.... for now, at least.
  3. Not to be a douche or anything because I see you are relatively new here. Never-the-less, all this element 115 business was found and confirmed WWWAAAYYY back when Shi No Numa dropped, which is why the meteorite is outside of storage, sparking and arching. So, inb4 "LAWL YOU BE STUPID, YO."
  4. ...... You do know Mark Lamia is the studio head of 3arc, right? You do know anyone can impersonate anyone on the internet now a days. it was debunked as a fake facebook page. Oh, no, I'm not saying that. Just saying that Mark Lamia actually works for 3arc. Now that I've read it over I see how he said it. That the guy was posing as Mark Lamia. I've been up since midnight... shaddup...
  5. ...... You do know Mark Lamia is the studio head of 3arc, right?
  6. 1. An Advanced Amm-o-Matic For 400 points for pistols, 800 for SMGs, 1000 for Assault Rifles and 1500 for LMGs. You can get a random amount of ammo from 1 magazine to full, and anywhere in between, the machine will be about as large as a cash register and sit relatively near the player spawn area, if not in it. 2. Random attachment machine Much like the Pack-a-Punch machine this will be placed in every spot where the box will go, can only be activated IF and WHEN the box moves near it. It will be a slot machine where the gun goes into where coins would spit out It will cost 2800 to get a random attachment, and 800 for every attachment after that. Attachments may consist of an ACOG scope, drum/extended magazines, "Dragons Breath" Incendiary ammo (will only last 3 tally marks), grenade launcher, suppressor, and a grip . Certain weapons will not be able to get the same attachments as other, for example a Colt M1911 .45 ACP will not have to ability to be fitted with a grenade launcher and a Tokarev will not have a forward grip. 3. Zombies drop random perks Now these perks will last 30 seconds and zombies will ONLY drop them past round 8. They will drop them the same as power-ups and will be used to give the extra advantage so the player can buy the perk permanently. 4. XP is given At the end of the game when the scores are shown and the message "GAME OVER you survived (number) rounds." the amount of score that is shown for that player is given to be promoted, much like the online ranking system, HOWEVER, Nazi zombies and online ranks are separate. 5. Pistol with unlimited ammo. A .22 pistol will be used if and when a player runs out of ammo. The pistol will have unlimited ammo, but have small damage, much like using a Colt M1911 on the third tally mark. The pistol will be a Ruger MK II. 6. More perks The perks given (Juggernog, Double Tap, Quick Revive, Speed cola, PhD Flopper, and Stammin-Up) will be kept, HOWEVER others will be added. Preferred perks would be Stopping Power (Player does 25% more damage with bullets, 2500 points). 7. Ability to carry more than two guns Without having to do a glitch. Instead of holding X to switch, player holds A to put in new slot. Can only do past round 30. 8. Sharable guns If you get a gun out of the box you do not need/want/like you can let someone else have it if you do not take it before it is half way in its decent back into the box. 9. Join in session Ability to join in to game while it is in session, player will spawn with SMG and a default pistol next round (as well as 1500 points if past round 10 and 2500 if past round 20) 10. All guns will be in random weapon box. Self explanatory, all guns from campaign/online will be able to use. *FOOTNOTE* I say tally marks instead of rounds because rounds could be mistaken for me saying bullets.
  7. Freakin' LOLED! Anyways, back on topic, I'm hoping it will be Area 51 as well. The good thing about the mystery surrounding Area 51 is 3arc can do anything they want with the map basically. That would be what makes it fun. it could also hook into the Zombies story line. Like they jumped into a Gersch Device and ended up teleporting to Area 51 where there was a teleporter portal opened after zombies over ran it because the 115 they had contained at the base turned everyone. Who knows, maybe you can help someone escape in an SR-71..... Oh, and who thinks that they should make cutscenes showing hey they go from level-to-level.
  8. Ok, so, we all know that when the phone rings, you can answer it and you will hear quotes from the FIVE map. That's great and all, but what we really need to ask ourselves is, "Why are there phones in the pentagon that go directly to a Russian Cosmodrome?" Instead of just seeing that it's a funny Easter Egg. Could lead to finding out the whole Zombies story. Or they are just phones that were included for an Easter Egg... :/
  9. I still think Richtofen's quote of "Ohh! It looks like they are trying to communica- oh, wait, no. They are just having sex.." When my first monkey round came along.
  10. Well, Dempsey is loosing his memory, so that could mean a number of things.
  11. Hmm... Go to the Microsoft website, go to support, and call the number and talk to them about it. You could get it as a free re-download.
  12. You shouldn't associate Area 51 with aliens. They tested experimental aircraft, not alien spacecraft, lawl. Not to mention as Hammerface pointed out, those were more primate than alien.
  13. This is relevant to my Lulz and interests.... The rest will probably be released March 3rd, sadly. I guess we know what it's like to be PS3 & PC. If we don't get anything more than some 90 sec Death Machines, I will be thoroughly pissed. Way to much work to go through to get some crappy Death Machines for a round where we have kept a crawler anyways.
  14. I would prefer an Area 51 map over The Moon, just because of the controversy that surrounds Groom Lake. It would be cool to walk through the base, or Treyarch's version, possibly activating secret aircraft and what not. Or we could help another "Mystery Man" escape in a Blackhawk.
  15. But a heating system that warms up more than 400* F? I still fail to see where all the zombies would come from though... I just don't like the moon as a map, talk about NDU being a plain map.....
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