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  1. Agreed. All these people saying the Ray Gun is fine clearly never used it in [email protected] when it was unquestionably the best gun in the game (except for the Wunderwaffe). Go back and play the old games. The current version of the Ray Gun is a flaming pile of crap compared to the old one.
  2. Agreed. There's nothing better than upgrading the PPSH into The Reaper, buying double tap, spraying into a horde of zombies on the catwalk, and completely freezing your console because it can't handle the fire rate. Good times.
  3. Tons of people holding out hope for the "next step" when nothing new has been found for 2+ months...If you think there's more to the EE, go out and prove it instead of bitching at people on a forum. Then come back with video proof and we'll all happily admit that we were wrong. Until that happens, this is just Ascension all over again.
  4. Looks like there's just a bunch of hackers on top. If you scroll down to the 400's you can see where the legit players start.
  5. As another frequent reader and rare poster: Thank You! About time somebody around here had some damn common sense.
  6. Are you sure about this? Double Tap II doubles your damage?
  7. Did you even read the original post? It's full of spelling errors and spots where he missed something while he was trying to write it down. Obviously this was a half-ass attempt at figuring out the radio. (no offense to OP, since this was done right after the map pack came out and there weren't any good resources yet.) Sorry for commenting on an old post that somebody dug up, but you dont need to lecture me about the accuracy of the COD wiki when this original post is obviously full of mistakes as well.
  8. Not trying to be a debbie downer, but you literally could have copied/pasted it from the codwiki and saved yourself a lot of time instead of typing all that out... http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Moon%2FRadios
  9. Great Tutorial Man. [brains] for you. I honestly believe the hardest part of this strategy is getting M&S before round 1... I've only successfully done it once or twice, and I'm pretty decent at running trains in No Man's Land. Might be easier to just buy Juggernaut before round 1 and come back later to upgrade to Mustang and Sally when you have plenty of points.
  10. My bad, guess I misread your strategy. After reading more carefully I have made it to 40+ as well with this before I got bored and quit, so it's a pretty good strategy.
  11. There's no flamethrower in the Black Ops version. Also, I think most people would agree it's way too easy to get trapped at the back of the catwalk. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy camping at the catwalk, but If you really want to go 50+ you're going to need a running strategy and utilize the traps...I have a hard time believing you went to 50+ with this strategy. Not trying to flame, just speaking my opinion.
  12. Just wanted to say good work to all the people involved in this topic...like most of you, i hope/think there is something extra hidden in Der Riese. I took a good look around the map today and didn't find anything out of the ordinary, other than all the stuff that has already been mentioned. I still think there's something creepy about the "2nd staircase" near jugg, but couldn't find anything myself. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for everybody's hard work and be sure to update us if/when you find something exciting!
  13. I'll add you when I get a chance. I've done the Moon EE but just recently bought COTD and Shangri-La, so I'll be happy to do them with you.
  14. I actually love these ideas.....makes sense that you should be rewarded for being a competent player. [brains] for you
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