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  1. My buddy got diamond for the special classes within the secound week of it being out :lol:
  2. So far I have two guns with gold,The R870 MCS and the KSG, I am trying to get diamond for the shotguns :D
  3. I said it over 2 months ago but.. whatever Also thanks for spoiling it over two months ago
  4. The only main thing that I don't like about the premium, Is that it like a pay to play type of fashion but I shall go into that later in the post, but other than that I think that the mustang over all is kinda pointless new medals still don't have anything "special" just kind of blah all over also more on that later. Kind of wondering if the the format of CoDz is gonna be like a 15 year old girl, we change it every 3-4 months. "Oh gotta change this,Oh and this and EVERYTHING, now it is all better." But in reality it's S.S.D.D (Same Sh!t Different Design) Now back onto the CoDz premium, If there is one thing that back me the most mad about this is that it a pay to play like WoW, Th solution to this problem I believe is that you only have to pay once and IF they want to pay again then you give them something even better that is not included in the normal premium. Onto medals now I just find them plain and boring the only medal I like in the new update is the writing one that it's, I find nothing interesting about the new medal, a while back I thought of the idea that if the medals didn't get better then we should discontinued and so far the medals have not at all gotten any better but that can be decided later. These are the thoughts I have for the new updated.
  5. teh shrew

    Hi :D

    Welcome to hotel CoDz such a lovey place such a lovely face plenty of room at the hotel CoDz anytime of the year you can find it here.
  6. Three months and this is what you come up with THREE MONTHS [email protected]@@#$#[email protected]#@$&@^&%^ Nah I'm just playing just don't leave us for three months ever again.
  7. Three months and this is what you come up with THREE MONTHS [email protected]@@#$#[email protected]#@$&@^&%^ Nah I'm just playing just don't leave us for three months ever again.
  8. Welcome dear sir/ma'am I do hope that you enjoy you're stay here at the CoDz Club, We have the most amazing kind of drink's here ranging from Jugg's of the Jungle to gooey mushy zombie brain's,Please enjoy you're stay.....Oh one last thing Last call is NEVER :twisted:
  9. Here is you're key to CoDz hotel you're room shall be room 115zxc please enjoy you're stay at the CoDz hotel...oh one last time checkout time is NEVER :twisted:
  10. sorry asshole friend got on me computer and said that..... He hate's the french
  11. damn I thought that I could get a jump on people because I DON'T SLEEP but look's like I'm behind EDIT: I also tried the trick where you advance you're computer clock and see if it would change and sadly it does not work. :lol:
  12. Welcome to the site Wings, may you're wings carry to the elite of CoDz -Shrew
  13. Welcome dear sir to Codz a magical wonderfun place where you can eat cotton candy from a chocolate waterfall while singing Do You Believe In Magic by The Lovin' Spoonful and at the same time kill thousand's of the living dead with a mini-gun firing millions upon billion's of bullets while singing Hammer Smash Face by Cannibal Corpse.... Or is that just me :lol:
  14. teh shrew

    hi guys

    Welcome to site Dear sir/mam Here is a baby shrew for you, don't make it mad it will bite you 8-)
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