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  1. Trivium Trivium Trivium!!!!!!!!!! The following post is tribute to a warrior known to all as Tankeo... NO NO NO NO NO NO NNOO NEIN NYET NO(Spanish) any TRUE metal head knows that trivium is METALCORE and anyone that likes them love metalcore as I can see by the A7X is my opinion nothing more nothing less but when people go around saying "OMG I love metal" and I ask "Oh really what are some of you're fav albums," and they say "A7X OR BVB OR SWS OR Trivium." I lose all my shit no really shit comes out of my eyes! If you really like trash metal then I have some GREAT suggestions such as... Amon Amarth Dethklok (srsly guyise dethkklok iz teh siht) Slayer Disturbed Arch Enemy and thats only to name a few.
  2. I said it over 2 months ago but.. whatever Also thanks for spoiling it over two months ago
  3. The only main thing that I don't like about the premium, Is that it like a pay to play type of fashion but I shall go into that later in the post, but other than that I think that the mustang over all is kinda pointless new medals still don't have anything "special" just kind of blah all over also more on that later. Kind of wondering if the the format of CoDz is gonna be like a 15 year old girl, we change it every 3-4 months. "Oh gotta change this,Oh and this and EVERYTHING, now it is all better." But in reality it's S.S.D.D (Same Sh!t Different Design) Now back onto the CoDz premium, If there is one thing that back me the most mad about this is that it a pay to play like WoW, Th solution to this problem I believe is that you only have to pay once and IF they want to pay again then you give them something even better that is not included in the normal premium. Onto medals now I just find them plain and boring the only medal I like in the new update is the writing one that it's, I find nothing interesting about the new medal, a while back I thought of the idea that if the medals didn't get better then we should discontinued and so far the medals have not at all gotten any better but that can be decided later. These are the thoughts I have for the new updated.
  4. Palestine should have a little more land sir have you ever seen a map of Israeli controlled in Palestine This is a current map of Israeli land in Palestine, Sir I ask you do they need a little more land or how about a whole bunch of land or dare I even go to saying give them back THEIR country that the U.N. didn't even ask Palestine about it, They just split up the country like Germany before even WW2 ended,It's just like when China invaded Tibet but you still people supporting Tibet.
  5. Supporting the Israel's in taking over Palestine
  6. It's my chance...um.... DERP What is you're opinion on NATO(or just the untied states) supporting Israel?
  7. This has to stop. - Doggy II What is this Why must stop.
  8. I don't think that you guys remember back in the old days when there was a negative brain button, Dear non existing god that thing was truly evil. Just be happy that som bitch Isn't around any more :D
  9. Well I think brain's are useless,in my opinion brain's is just a popularity contest.
  10. Damnit Stop it that would be dave mustaine of megadeth there will be no detracting me this time !!!!! :twisted:
  11. damnnit Trevor that's not you that Corpse grinder
  12. ...Jolteon used flash?

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