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  1. Listen to this cuz guess what?u about to get dissed to PFCSNAFU u said u were worth ur weight in gold no ur not cuz u just got sold! and Faust this is for u ease up on the rules or else ill use my rap powers to trample u like bulls i may not have any friends yet on the forum but thats doesnt mean that i wont get 'em! "haters gonna hate"thats my motto that doesnt mean CoDz gonna hate U all got pwned Not meant to hurt anybody,just for fun :D
  2. To all those Tobuscus fans out there,this is for you.(I'm one of them 8-) ) To all those people who know about Minecraft,love cake,and have heard of the Wanted,please listen to this. All of us who play Minecraft know this feeling. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_FkfrbsEMIFavorite Minecraft song EVAR!!!!!! :!:
  3. You guys think you can rap when all I have to do is say a word and a building explodes Yea that's right I don't need to rhyme to pwn you guys With Notch on my side I will make your fake faces blow up Yea that's right Minecraft reference So why don't you go and punch a tree cuz you can't take this s*it OH YOU GUYS GOT PWNED BY HEROBRINE IN YO BLOCKY FACES Another Minecraft reference I just blew this joint So go beat the Enderdragon then WAKE UP. You guys got so pwned :lol:
  4. Ok if he had said Wake Up or anything like that I would have been freaked out. WAKE UP.
  5. "Do not pray for easy lives,my friends.Pray to be...stronger men."-JFK
  6. I know why we got different locations.You have to use the numbers in order to get the locations I have.And you can't use a number again once it's used unless it appears again in the numbers sequence.
  7. They're coordinates.I used Google Maps to find where they lead to. Locations: Germany Libya Russia China And the funny thing is,I'm only 11 years old!
  8. I'm just sad because I will never get survivor status.Veteran is impossible! :'(
  9. Good job brains for you.And also choose the next quote.
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