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  1. Im assuming it will be dog's but who know's.
  2. well one way is to look for everything is to mod the game offline so you dont get banned and use no clip mode so you can go anywere without buying all the doors thats what i did last night and it very usefull
  3. The people who say they have already played the map is a big joke. And what do u mean the m14 was scrapped from the other maps its in both Kino & FIVE.
  4. Hey guys I was browsing youtube and I ran into this video its a real good guide if you want to get to far rounds with friends heres the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRJ3icTo7nQ. Hope this help you guys enjoy .
  5. Ya thats the Hallway from five and the room with the spinning light might be the new map. :shock:
  6. YA I had the same idea and instead of playing as the orginal characters we have to play as the characters from FIVE.
  7. Mostly likely just a couindence. U probally shot the box at the same time the zombie shook the bulding.
  8. Yes the island is located near England they used it during world war 2. And in the 1950s by the NSA to tap in to worldwide communication which was a secret project by the us government called Echlon.
  9. I have same ideas although the island was used during the WWII Asecension island was also used in the 1950s by the NSA to listen in to worldwide communcation.
  10. Hey guys im new to the Forums big fan of the COD zombies and the story behind I like to find the clues in each map and do research on the clues and People in the story. So if you want to play my Xbox Live Gamertag is IX GhOsT X1 STATS Kino Der Toten: 23 Five: 27 Der Rise: 50 Shia no Numa: 20
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