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  1. Bro I would love a step by step message on how to get this thing done! This is some awesome stuff!
  2. Riker221

    Need help

    I have read through a few threads on this gknova6 thing and i need help getting through this site. All i see is the main menu basically for BO, where do i click lol? I feel clueless!
  3. it looks like there is a face on the surface of where the hand is. like on the bottom corner or something.
  4. I am just doing highlights on each row. Group 935 consists of Maxis, Richtofan, Peter, Dempsey, Takeo, And Nikolai. Maxis and rictofen used 115 to power teleporter, but excsessive amounts of 115 makes zombies. 115 was found in meteor in shi no numa. Maxis used teleporter on fluffy and Samantha confronted him about it when rictofen locked them in room and hellhounds killed them. Samantha hid under bed and escaped after the puppies were gone, but is somehow in a different dimension. Idk what happened to maxis, but he broke trust barrier with germany and used help of Russians to make wonder weapons. Samantha haunts every where our 4 heros go, but the little girl still spathizes for them and gives them power ups. Gersh moved yuri to work on rockets, cause of incapability. Yuri is then possessed by Samantha and he strives to kill gersh so he perfects Gersh device. Gersh device is a black hole, but also happens to be a teleporter to other realms, so when yuri showed Gersh the device, Samantha took the opprotunity to suck Gersh in abd kill him, or whatever she pleases. Yuri is then worried for some reason, about what he did. When getting death machine Easter egg when freeing yuri, you shoot into black hole slowing samantha's advances to catch yuri. Now I just need a little fill in on how yuri got there, why Samantha wanted to kill gersh, and others...
  5. But we have no proof that Samantha is dead, as a matter of fact we have more proof that she is alive than dead. As explained in my previous comment. Because maybe being in a different realm turned her in to a power hungry little girl.
  6. Maxis is dead, but he is the voice that says "Kaboom" whenever you get a nuke. I have vert good reason to believe that Samantha is still alive because when you use the teleporter and you go to her room after the helhounds attacked, where it's all bloody and crap, you can see a blood trail going out from under her bed, out ot the bottome half of her bedroom window. I believe when Richtofen locked the in there the hellhounds killed Maxis but bit Samantha and she hid under her bed until they were gone. Then crawled out from under her bed and out the window. But somehow she Is in a different dimension (Gersh device maybe?). When you get the death machin Easter egg you have to free Yuri, abd what you do is, is throw a Gersh device and start shooting in towards it. I think it is because when u shoot in it you are shooting in Samantha's dimension, and you are holding her back from Yuri and giving him enough time to escape from her. Bit that is my theory. Please feel free to speculate on it : )
  7. I am thinking that when she sings the chorus, that Samantha is in denial like saying "this is all in my head, none of it is real, it is all imaginary, I am just having a nightmare." When she sings "And do they feel?" she is talking about our 4 heroes, as if they were her imagination. The demonic side is also toying with Sam's own mind as in giving her just confusion...
  8. Maybe it can also be talking about Yuri even the rocket.
  9. Wow that is really good. See what happens when you think of things slightly different? It changes everything, very sharp you are
  10. Great analysis, you obviously put lots of te and effort into it but, it just doesn't fit, oit doesn't feel right in my bones man. I will do a translation later add me,comrade I will be happy to see your thoughts. But the thing is I haven't played Ascension long enough to really know what Sam is up to here. There is a piece of the puzzle missing and it bothers the crud out of me...
  11. My theory is that Sam is somehow still alive, when her and maxis were locked in her room, the doggies killed maxis but only bit Samantha. When I was playing Kino Der Toten, i used the teleporter to transport to her destroyed room (after the dogs were finished with it) and saw a blood trail coming from the window. Then I realized that it was a blood trail TO the window and out. Samantha was bitten, but survived somehow and crawled out of her room through the bottom section of the window. That is my theory...
  12. hm,this make sence, good theory [brains] But it would be from Samantha's side because, if you look into it, huge amounts of evidence that it is Sam, in Kino, the doctor, when he is against helhounds, Yells "Take them back SAM!" just so much stuff
  13. That doesn't mean I can't post one. Mine shall be extremely thorough and well looked into, with every phrase and word researched. I shal explain what she means by translating it into where the average gamer can easily understand it. And it will blow your face off!
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