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  1. Immediately when I hear hide and seek, it reminds me of the guy in the chest on Kino. Could this be a link?
  2. Well you guys know that thing that has 2 lights on it that only turn on when you do all of those easter eggs? What if you Gersch Device it?
  3. GT: Greeeeeeeeeny Cant wait to find some awesome shit. I'm Australian and I'm 14 so don't call me Pip.
  4. It says "The mechanism must be repaired" I was right after all.
  5. When I watched it, I heard that something has to be repaired. Maybe we have to repair the rocket in order to take it to the pack a punch?
  6. Has anyone ever died from fall damage in zombies? no, but there seems to be some pretty high places in ascension, especially the lander By the looks of it I don't think we will be able to jump off of the lunar landers, as they have railing around them. Even if you could jump off, WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO?
  7. No, Phillips is not a troll? You're an idiot. The reason he said it, is because MULTIPLE THREADS ARE NOT ALLOWED. You are wasting the Codz Community's bandwidth. Cool story bro, I'm new here, so this is the first info of its kind that I've seen.
  8. Phillips your a troll. All that you post is, "Theres already a thread on it". - Jacob.
  9. I think it would be cool if they made them energy drinks, not that all you old people would drink it, it would just make more sense. Quick Revive = Rockstar Juggernog = Red Bull Speed Cola = Rockstar Cola Double Tap = Monster StaminUp = Mother PHD Flopper = Bawls ? - Jacob.
  10. Another thing to go with this, on Kino, when you teleport to Sams bedroom, there are little models of all the characters, and a teddy looking down on them. (The teddy being Maxis). Also Ive heard that "Eddy is a liar" is written somewhere. This could be Richthofen lying about it all being real. - Jacob.
  11. TheSyndicateProject and his friends made it, it has nothing to do with HL. Its the ascension numbers decoded.
  12. Huge brains to you sir, they should call you Chris Hansen, because you just caught a predator! These pictures are now OBVIOUSLY fake. Its troll like these who we need to keep off the forum! Although he did give us a bit to think about. - Jacob.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RZGVWS8aDc ^ The real video. Let me explain. To me, this is what workers from group 935 had to ask people that were willing to take part in Project 115 (Getting turned into super soldiers) If they agreed to it, they would start testing on them. This is just my idea. - Jacob.
  14. This is going to be quite hard to explain, but as soon as you spawn on the map 'Five', there are screens on one of the walls. On the top right screen, there is a picture of some sort of Island. To me it looks a lot like Firing Range. Sorry if I don't have enough detail, but if anyone else has noticed this, I'd like to know what it means! - Jacob.
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