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  1. Lol the dolls, are funny. You should try it with different charictars
  2. Well if i remember there is a screenshot of gknova which is a map, but it doesnt match kino or five
  3. anyone else notice gknova6 isnt kino der toten, so where is the aug on the wall? long walkway with quick revive? and somewhere there is a map of gknova6
  4. or maybe the level defector means something, dont you know your black ops? seroisly? wow, and it means something for a reason
  5. actually its because of the muzzle break system
  6. all i want is it to be in the next 30 or so games
  7. there is a reason i did it in russian, and i dont care it uses 7.62x25mm Tokarev, so yea
  8. dont you mean ppd-43? or was it pps-43? i cant remember oh and i found it on cod wikia, so yea Получите трахание по этому
  9. http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 ... sh41bo.jpg i am so happy!
  10. *FacePalm* he is the guy on the right, and the fact that it looks almost exsacally like him means nothing?
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