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  1. I got the 3 EE's done but the guy that helped me started maxis side. I need 3 people who have richtofen's ee done and who have not pushed the button
  2. Think about it , zombies could be improved. Look at GTA , every 4 or 5 years their game comes out. GTA 5 made 1 billion $ in three days. Their games and graphics are amazing. compare it with 4 or SA their graphics are improving (graphics = zombies).This installment of zombies could be improved grief/turned could be improved , new game modes and fun maps. I may be mad at SH for making this year's game but it is worth the wait. Alpha out
  3. I wanna know YOUR dream zombies map. The stupidest mistake I made in grammar.
  4. I wanna YOUR dream zombies map. My map would be called space. You spawn at earth to build a spaceship and you fly to the moon and you have to find fuel for the spaceship and you can choose which planet you wanna fly to. PAP will be on mars and each planet has a zombie bboss and a perk and a box location. This map will have all the perks in zombies. What map would you like to be in zombies?
  5. Do you think that 3arc should put a multiplayer zombies ranking level where you earn XP while slaying some zombies In my opinion it would be great except for the hackers hacking their levels What do you think? Yes Yes Yes or No No No!
  6. Hi my name is Andy or known as AlphaMarkII on xbox .
  7. R.I.P Undertaker 21-1

    1. way2g00d


      who did he lose to?

    2. AndyMark2


      Brock Lesnar

  8. Anyone up for some zombies?

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Not today bud - titanfall for me.



      I'm up for Zombies. :)

  9. Welcome to the forums AndyMark2 :)

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