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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!


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  1. I got the 3 EE's done but the guy that helped me started maxis side. I need 3 people who have richtofen's ee done and who have not pushed the button
  2. Hi my name is Andy or known as AlphaMarkII on xbox .
  3. R.I.P Undertaker 21-1

    1. way2g00d


      who did he lose to?

    2. AndyMark2


      Brock Lesnar

  4. Anyone up for some zombies?

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Not today bud - titanfall for me.



      I'm up for Zombies. :)

  5. Welcome to the forums AndyMark2 :)

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