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  1. Giant robot elephants for kill streaks in Black Ops 2? I think yes.
  2. I know that the person making the noises Is Nixon but the terminal file called "The Wolf" Is a picture of Reznov. Sorry If I didn't make that clear.
  3. Actually Kennedy had a gun cabinet behind his wall and was so calm because he was a BAMF of a president. Also "The Wolf" is Reznov.
  4. I'd want the Euclid's C-Finder from Fallout New Vegas. It triggers a freaking orbital laser cannon to shoot wherever you want.
  5. Hmm... now I'm curoius, Toxic Fusion have your Zombies-only BO clan ever tried shooting the pap machine for 30 seconds? Or even tried paping the DMs
  6. 0mfg Maxisss is the thief you guys are no0bz!!!!!1... Jk I do however believe that clarke is the thief because of the writing all of his body matching that of the thief and I really don't think treyarch is that lazy that they'd reuse clarke's texture.
  7. I believe there is no step seven or eight. However I once saw a video showing that if you go by the pap with death machines everything starts to shake. Could someone please test this?
  8. I wouldn't really like anyone from COTD to replace Takeo. I would want Chuck Norris to replace Takeo.
  9. Listen, I personally don't believe that there is another step to the easter egg but there is something that I think needs investigating. I searched the forum and couldn't find anything in the first few pages about this so don't flame. When you have the death machine in the "final" step of the egg and walk onto the launching pad by the pap I believe Everything starts shaking. I personally have never tried it but I think I saw in a video once. Can someone please try this out. Thanks.
  10. Guys how did the people at Shangri La turn into zombies? Nazis got there and brought element 115 with them. If the Nazis got to shangri La and made a base there they'd bring modern (WWII era) electronics with them to power equipment, lights, and perk machines. If the water wheel does power anything I think it'll be the bamboo traps.
  11. If the password for Tdempsey has numbers and letters try something with 9/17/45 cause that's when he was brought to Der Riese according to the radios in COTD.
  12. Things I'd like to see in mw3 (lol that rhymed): Co-op campaign like from Waw different melee weapons like different knives or bayonets or even a taser no commando or riot shields Drivable vehicles in online and earlier this year in school I had to do project about military robots and wouldn't it awesome if they had this: instead of the RC-XD for a kill streak.
  13. Area 51 would be awesome but I think that Paradise will be in Vietnam. Because In the campaign mission Crash Site when you're driving the boats down the river near Laos one of the soldiers says: Welcome to Paradise. Also in that mission it says Dragovitch kills hundreds of Vietnamese with nova gas. Lots of dead bodies= lots of vietnam zombies. Plus their plane crashed that was holding all the nova 6 it might have been carrying 115 too cause Steiner may have been working on the zombies with Richtofen seeing as how he was a crazy german scientist from WW2. Also the leaves in the top right corner of COTD look like leaves you can see in that level in vietnam. And in DOA the temple at the end sorta looks like a Vietnamese temple.
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