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  1. I want this game it looks sweet. I'm glad I have a 4g ipod so it can run it good.
  2. I think treyarch should make another ww2 zombies level or one set in the future in the next cod game.
  3. can you please make me an animated one with my name and the ray gun, juggernog, and big bang club member please. sorry if its kinda copying yours.
  4. Can you make me one that says TheHybridTheory with juggernog next to it and a ray gun please.
  5. I'm sorry your mad my cap card broke. I used my ipod as an alternative.
  6. this is the most retarded glitch on the planet! zPal-qqZyY8
  7. This is why you NEVER play with little kiddies... (the person playing is me). B2gEWDn1gY4
  8. Here's a video I just uploaded of the moon leaderboards. There are people who are already there but i'm sure they are just testers.
  9. I can understand why these gas crawlers are in moon. they were probably failed experements at area 51 and so they were blasted off to the moon. possibly???
  10. I just wish the amm o matic was in rezurrection :cry:
  11. cried a little? thats nothing. i had the biggest nerdgasm you could possibly have :D
  12. when i hear "Space Age" arsenal i think of weapons having to do with science fiction. not guns from multiplayer.
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