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  1. Hey CoDz, i know that heaps of people have probably done this before but I'm just wondering, What are your favorite maps. 3 votes each. mine went to: Moon Der Riese Kino Der Toten Enjoy
  2. sweet, nice dedication. I'd be too tempted to play BF3
  3. Thanks for all the great support and tips from everyone. I'm still only a noob because I don't play alot and don't have XBL so all these tips are welcome and are great.
  4. Yeah I kinda meant the fastest time because I usually do last WAY longer than that but without any ammo but I do agree about superhands and MixMasterNut
  5. Hey guys (and girls), just wondering when you Pack a Punch in NML what is your fastest time? I was playing a solo game and was absolutely owning, had about 2600 points before the first bell and ended up PaP'n M1911 and went to teleport (my third time pack a punching before round 1, didn't want to waste it) but I didn't get J-nog and 3 dogs killed me on the teleporter. After I had teleported dead I had survived 3:07.
  6. there is a cross bow! i hear people say this but i had it You sure you weren't dreaming? Just messin', but seriously I'm a PC player, I looked in the game files to see the weapon files for Moon and the Crossbow isn't even there. The only time ive seen it on moon is when a QED dropped a Pap'd one so yeah you can get it.
  7. I don't know but ive had the hacker glitch, ive never thought to throw a gersch at an astronoob but another stupid one that i had thats happened twice has getting downed the second i pull a pin on a grenade. Not cooking it for too long just as I ready it. Happened after i PaP'd my Commando and once with 6 perks. Pissing me off. Ps it was split screen and i had flopper.
  8. Yeah I had a really weird glitch happen to me, he actually walked through the table but got stuck and he was harder to kill than usual and I couldn't get the bonfire sale or max ammo because a couldn't get on the table thanks to the patch. It was so stupid because I had gotten up to round 21 and needed the max ammo. I think I died at round 24
  9. Okay i was a bit drastic in my last post, after hearing the comment about not comparing it to normal zombies it made me see it in a different light. The most annoying thing is that it can be pretty frustratingly glitchy. I think I got up about round 23/25
  10. I never actually try to do this but i think my xbox hates me :x :x :x and doesnt give me any good guns, I always try to get high rounds with a thundergun or DG but i only play solo
  11. it sucks, its boring, no strat, no fun, repetitive, can have heaps of luck or none, fails epicly gets boring after 4-5 plays, not hard or challenging and only guys that fail at normal zombies actually play it cos its so easy yeah i said it :mrgreen:
  12. Hey guys, I was just wondering what your high score on the maps is without a ray gun, winters howl, thunder gun, DG-2? I seem to have shit all luck with the box and its starting to piss me off, anyway mine are (all solo - no live ): Nacht - 15 Verruckt - 19 SNN - 14 hate this map Der Riese - 32 with PaP thanks guys
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