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  1. I guess I'll respond. I say Sarah. And before you embarrass yourself, I'm just kidding.
  2. God. I'm not going to be responding to this topic. I just feel that OP should go back to second grade. WHO* is your favorite character. Christ. >_> EDIT: Not only that! You forgot to put in an apostrophe ' in what's. Gaaaa! The grammatical errors! They're killing me! "I hate snakes Chuck! I hate 'em!"
  3. She says that when the fog is clearing. :? ;)
  4. Haven't played a serious game yet. Trying to get the other 3 achievements first. After I'm done me and my friend are gonna rock the leader boards. But so far, without trying too hard we got to round 18. Almost got the Scavenger achievement. :(
  5. That would be a sonar, using morse code to talk to the submarine.
  6. http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/The_Temple Did anyone else know this? On the DS version of Blops, there's a Zombies level called The Temple. If we researched more about the DS's version maybe it has some clues for the possible console version.
  7. Thanks bro. I'm pretty sure it was the Mayan Calendar by the way. Also, I'm pretty sure Mexico will be the setting if the next map is "Paradise". Depending on if it is the Mayans or Aztecs, they're both located in Mexico. Perhaps, this time... the crew has gone too far in the past. Because, the Aztecs and the Mayans are both extinct/ vanished. If that ^^ is true, then maybe we will learn more about how monkeys came into play... I mean, it IS a jungle. EDIT: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allies_of_ ... _II#Mexico http://www.mexconnect.com/articles/678- ... ar-ii-ally More info. Probably useless, but let's see what we can make of it.
  8. This is sort of off topic with what you said, but afterall, the thrad is "Next Map Evidence". Has anyone really studied the pictures on the bulletin board next to Flopper? And also, I want to find the Aztec Calendar, could someone describe to me where to look? :mrgreen:
  9. He's not really a boss. Using that logic the flowers that pop out of the pipes on Super mario bros are bosses too. They are throughout the entire level, if you kill them they come back, they will hurt you unless you stay away from them. Bosses? Piranha Plants.... they're called piranha plants.
  10. Hmm, perhaps that is where our heroes will face off with the Cosmic Silverback? :? :| :oops:
  11. The fact that Treyarch isn't wrapping up anything. This giant story is incredible, but they need to start answering some of our god damn questions. Instead, they give us more shit to pile on. There will be probably one more Map Pack for Black Ops. Meaning one more zombie map. MW3 won't have Zombies in it becuase Treyarch isn't making it. So... unless they're going to end this mystery in one more map... they should just make a game called "Call of Duty: Zombies". Because darn it, I don't want to wait another year before they just pile on more crap. Anyone agree with this at all?
  12. Hmm, sounds pretty good. I'll try that later. 8-)
  13. This seems to be a recurring problem. It seems like when he takes the zipline down from the lighthouse he doesn't make the landing. I'll bet they patch it this weekend or next week. :l
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