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  1. Actually know, cause if that were the case, then the four heroes would have aged as well. Have they; NO! And if they did it's not by 20 years like the Thief.
  2. Highest Round is 47; which translates to defeating the Cosmic Silverback once, and then making it seven more Rounds after that.
  3. Didn't I just say give me a reason why Takeo will die BESIDES his un-involvement in the storyline? This same excuse could be used for Nikolai and is not a legitimate argument. Will someone PLEASE give a different reason as to why Takeo should die?
  4. Alright; this a revision of the list I made earlier, and as you can see there a few additions. These are what appear to be ALL the usernames taken directly from the Terminal commands. So somwhere in all that is the key to unlocking the Der Riese server. Now; as I looked through this I noticed a few things. 1st; something I mention earlier, there seems to be two files about Ascension. They're both .txt files so maybe they're documents ragrding the location of "Ascension", the new zombie map. 2nd; I noticed in a lot of the Reznov files were .pic files of wolves and dogs in chains. What could this be pointing to? 3rd; one of the stranger things I noticed, is the multiple Reznov usernames. There are 4 of them all together. Why does Reznov have 4 different usernames? 4th; there seemed to be a lot of files titled "Servant" followed by a series of 6 numbers I believe. Could these possible be referring to the Data Servants? I think there was a total of six different "Servant" files. 5th; this is my last observation, but also the most puzzling. Anybody think they can figure out the meaning behind mp_cosmo1 and mp_cosmo2? MP maps? That's the only thing that comes to MY mind. Oh! And if you notice; theres a "edward" as well as an "erichtofen" username. What does Edward need two usernames for? Is he trying to hide something? Or has there always, in fact, been two Edwards!? So many questions, so little answers. Thoughts?
  5. Well I know once he takes your gun, he teleports himself, and whoever's gun got stolen, with him into the basement; then depending how many people you have playing with you, he'll just go through all the teleporters until he catches each player and steals one of their guns and repeats the process. Once he has taken at least one gun from each player, he will then teleport to the basement level and leave out of the same center teleporter that he came in through.
  6. Round 26 with only ONE other person. Camped in the first floor elevator, only went down when swamped or to get guns from the box. The first time I played BO and got reminded of the days of [email protected] were you just spray a seemingly never-ending line of zombies with bullets. Classic! Guns I had once I died were the upgraded HK21 and AUG. My partner had the upgraded Freeze Ray and Spaz.
  7. Okay; this is the last time I'm going to comment on the ridiculous theory that Takeo is the one to perish. Now before I get into this, I see we all agree on at least one thing: Somebody is GOING to die and/or leave the group. My definant theory is that Edward is going to turn, you must kill him, and someone takes his place. My question is to all those who believe Takeo is going to die. What is it that makes you guys so strongly believe Takeo is the one to perish, besides the fact "he hasn't added anything to the storyline". The same could easily be said for Nikolai, but no one thinks he's going to die. So please, tell me, what it is that leads you to believe Takeo is going to die. I've given my reasons for why Richtofen is going to die. One; he isn't impervious to the effects of element 115 like the other 3 are. Two; I honestly believe Richtofen's appearance has continued to change ever since SNN. He's beginning to look paler and is looking more and more like a zombie. Three; everyone believe Richtofen can't die becuase he's such a crucial role in the storyline, but this right here is EXACTLY why I believe Richtofen is next to die. We all know how Treyarch likes to twist the story around, so why not do just that by killing off one of the most important characters in the game. But going to what Wunderwaffe DG-4 brought up; we need to start discussing all the possible people who could replace whoever it is that dies. DG-4 stated that the "accidental" voice seems to be american or canadian. This right there automatically makes me assume that either Peter isn't really dead, or Maxis' "American Operative" ISN'T Peter like everyone suspected. This "American Operative" may join up with us. Only reason I don't see this happening is that it messes up the chemistry between the four heroes. I honestly think that whoever dies; they're going to be replaced by someone of the same decent, this way we always have an American, a Russian, a Jap, and a German. That's really the only way these characters mesh ; is the fact they're all opposites of each other. This is also another reason why it seems fitting that Richtofen be the one to die; for there are many more Germans who could replace Edward than any of the others. I truly think the next person to come into play is going to be one of four people: Peter, Maxis' "American Operative", Maxis' secretary Sophia(she's not confirmed dead, in fact, no one knows where she is.), or Maxis himself. Thoughts?
  8. Round 27 (splitscreen) Round 30 (solo) Would've made it further splitscreen, but my partner was f**king around and downed himself with the China Lake; leaving me with an un-upgraded Commando and a Thundergun with NO ammo. :x But yeah, once you hit 28+, Zombies are pretty much wasted off of Juggernog. Takes A LOT of ammo if you don't have an upgraded gun. And yeah, the rounds take like twenty minutes a piece. Shit gets boring.
  9. Possible usernames/passwords taken out of the wall of text.... Now can some one say why these would be 100% real? Where we got these? [brains] And as we can see there is no PASSWORDS for users we know that are real.... Somebody hacked the terminal and pulled out all commands from within. Those above are all possible usernames taken from the wall of commands taken directly from the terminal. These are ALL either valid usernames or passwords. The ones I assume to be passwords are the one's with no first name abbreviation; alicia, peter, samantha, sophia, berlin.
  10. These are all possible usernames pulled directly from the terminal. Now all that needs to be done is finding the corresponding passwords. Another note; I found something along the lines of Ascension.txt while I was looking through the terminal. Any suggestions on what that could possibly be? Maybe a document about the location of the "Ascension" zombie map.
  11. Reused Textures; that's all it is. The Pentagon Thief is his own being, and NOT somebody from the campaign, but simply BASED off of features from someone from the campaign. Just like everyone else that matters in Zombies. The four main heroes are based off of others in the campaign, doesn't mean they're FROM the campaign! If you actually come up with some actual hard evidence besides matching numbers(reused textures) and the fact they're both scientists, then I might actually take this into consideration. But the fact you're trying to make me believe this guy, who if he is who you say he is looks like he aged 20 years within a 10 year time span, is pretty farfetched.
  12. I was referring, not to Edward Richtofen, but the supposed son of Ludwig: Edward Maxis. Yes, I know, this was based of an HL video and proven to be false, but who knows; it's Treyarch. I could see them invoking more than one Edward. Either way; I don't see why you all come to the conclusion it's Takeo just becuase he hasn't added much to the story; even though it's been proven he's added more than most. Based on what you've said, I could easily come to the same conclusion about Nikolai. At least Takeo has some sort of foreshadowing. What, if anything, has Nikolai added to the storyline besides how many wives he has and the fact he may have a daughter of his own? I'm telling you! Look at Richtofen, point blank, and tell me he doesn't look like he's turning. C'mon now; it's right there in front of your faces.
  13. Hmhm, flame if you want, but I'm telling you, this new update is hinting that there will INDEED be a Moon map, possibly ran by the Fourth Reich. It also appears the Cosmic Silverback will be making an appearance in more than just Dead Ops Arcade.
  14. One question. Why does everyone keep assuming the Pentagon Thief(whoever it is) worked at the Pentagon? I mean, it's not like he even starts off in the Pentagon. The announcer clearly says "Security Breach detected in lower levels" whenever the thief shows up. I've even actually seen him emerge from the center teleporter on the third floor. He doesn't work there, but simply shows up there. He obviously has some knowledge of the teleporters as well considering he can teleport you to the basement regardless of where he's at everytime he takes your gun.
  15. It seems TheHecks and Wunderwaffe DG-4 are the only ones paying attention to the facts. One; as DG-4 said, Takeo is the main one foreshadowing what's to happen. Tank is beginning to realize that something's up. Nikolai just seems to be there for humorous purposes, and Richtofen is being his usual shady self. If you've actually done research, you'd know that everyone EXCEPT Richtofen is impervious to the effects of element 115 and it's use on the PaP'd weapons. Richtofen even states that they should be changed by the overwhelming power of 115 but show outwordly resistance. He himself though, IS NOT impervious to the effects of 115, as you can plainly see. If one pays attention; with each new level that comes out with the four heroes, Richtofen is beginning to look more and more like a zombie. I'm telling you; Richtofen is going to turn, and someone else is going to replace him. Wether it be Maxis' son Edward or Maxis himself is still yet to be determined.
  16. Sorry for the wall of text in advance. I'm not gonna believe any notion of who the pentagon thief is, for the simple fact, he may not be THAT important of a role in the first place. He teleports in(seen it happen; he comes in through the middle teleporter in the basement, the same one he leaves out of.), tries to take your gun, and then leaves. Yes, he may be a bigger part of the storyline than I think, but I highly doubt that the theif is someone from the campaign; for why would the first person from the campaign included in Zombies play such a small role? And a previous statement of Clarke getting shot in the head is TRUE. You may see zombies running around without a head in COD, but sadly this is nothing more than a glitch. I mean, c'mon, if you take off a zombies head, it still follows you around PERFECTLY. How does the zombie even know where you are with no ears, eyes, or nose. Does it feel vibrations in it's feet. No! And how are you going to say that a zombie needing it's brain to survive is something made up. Have you never played a zombie game besides CoD Zombies? Cause if you have you'd know that that statement is in fact true, and proven in pretty any zombie related material. Look up "zombie" on wikipidia; clearly states a zombie need at least a small portion of it's brain stem INTACT for it to survive. Heh it's funny how you turn the smallest bits of information into this giant controversy. Until I see the Pentagon Thief later on in zombie storyline, he's nothing more than a scientist with reused equation textures placed all over his body.
  17. Everytime I've done it, I've had all 3 reels in, found both radios and activated the music easter egg. Once in the "rocket room", just press the action button and it kind of just floats into the air and "poofs" into the roof. I did notice however, that after doing this, the monkeybomb located on Samantha's bed(daytime) was knocked over. I don't know if this holds any significance, but from what I saw; nothing much else of interest happened after activating the rocket. All in all, the rocket CAN be activated.
  18. That wouldn't make sense considering there's a CLEAR picture of Richtofen on the wall by itself and it's larger than all the others. I honestly think Richotfen is going to die and turn into a zombie and Maxis is going to end up still being alive and take his place. Think about it; Tank, Nikolai, and Takeo are impervious to the effects of 115; this has been PROVEN. What about Richotfen? He's not impervious to it's effects, maybe it's finall starting to chnage him, for if you've ever looked at Richtofen; he's beginning to look more and more like a zombie with each new zombie map.
  19. The newly hyped map pack First Strike will be available Feb. 1st of 2011. This map pack will include 3 maps which were previously taken out of the game, and will also include the zombie map "Ascension". One of the MP maps included in the map pack is "Berlin Wall".
  20. Beware the 6 has nothing to do with hellhounds; for the dogs can show up anywhere from Round 5 all the way to Round 9. There's no set round when the HellRounds begin. Beware the 6 simply refers to the Gas Zombies, in which, emit Nova6 gas upon being killed(unless killed with the Raygun, in which they don't emit anything.). Now as for how the DG-3 is russian. If you've got good eyes, when you get the Thundergun, look closely on the side of it. The Russian word for "DANGER" is clearly written across the side.
  21. No; I'm talking about going to the SAME room, more than ONCE, you'll get another roar and more pieces of the roof fall. I don't see why you can't accept those happenings coming from something other than the crawlers.
  22. If you get offended by the word "moron" than you shouldn't be playing a game such as Nazi Zombies; or Call of Duty period for that matter.
  23. I was just talking to my brother about that yesterday. I honestly think those were the containers which held the Gas Zombies; for if you look closely you'd notice they're too small for regular zombies, seeing as you have to kneel down to look into one. Was really freaky.
  24. Wow; what crawled up your ass and died? Your negativity astonishes me. I clearly stated I wasn't referring to the Cosmic Silverback, but yet you keep on bringing it up. Just because you're too uptight to imagine anything else out there, doesn't mean I have to be. Just because all you SEE is crawlers, doesn't mean something else isn't out there. I say this, for I've opened the theater and had the same roar and roof collapse, with NO Gas Zombies coming out! I did it in the middle of a Round. So you're telling me they just bust up the roof, and sit up there patiently waiting for me to start the next Round before they come down? Oh; and also, they rumbling and roof collapsing happens more than once fool. For if you circle around a couple times, one entering either the theater or the lobby, you will once again hear a roar and more pieces of the roof will fall off. These are my two MAIN reasons why I know it's not "Creepy Crawlies". For one; the roof didn't just shake; the WHOLE building shook. Go check for yourself. When you turn on that power the entire building shakes. Also; if it is just crawlers, then where did the roar come from. For not once have I EVER heard a Gas Zombie roar. They hiss and screech, because they're monkeys! I don't care what you say. I believe there's something bigger out there that we don't know about yet.
  25. Yeah; that's what I kind of figured. Still though; that doesn't rule out "The Giant". Most thought "The Giant" to be Der Riese, but his is proven false when reading Ludwig Maxis' biography. In there it clearly states that Maxis worked on a project called "The Giant" WITHIN Der Riese. So he worked on Der Riese within Der Riese. Yeah, I don't think so.

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