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  1. Delta's signature is win on the highest level.   -Jolteon
  2. Dude I have a podcast where we basically only talk about stuff like that. I just think that this isn't the place to be doing it.   -Jolteon
  3.   It's because I care so damn much.   -Jolteon
  4.   Are you trying to tempt me more...?   -Jolteon
  5.   That is a serious personal attack on me and now I must ban you FOREVARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR   -Jolteon
  6. Ah, Boom, always there to ease the tension.    -Jolteon
  7. Ok, maybe I stepped too far prohibiting all discussion. Personally I don't believe there is any place for this discussion on this forum, and I'll stand by that until the day I leave. I did what I thought was right, but clearly all that got me was a lot of anger and disagreement.    -Jolteon
  8. Mega it was reported multiple times. It wasn't me who removed it, but when multiple people complain about a post then we have to act. I understand people disagree, but this is my stance.   -Jolteon
  9. It causes offense, therefore it breaches the CoC. This. Discussion. Ends.   -Jolteon
  10. This conversation ends now, please. Don't try me Monkey, if something is breaking the CoC I won't hesitate to remove it. Now this ends.   -Jolteon
  11. At the end of the day the comments were reported and hence we have to act. We can't have people saying things that will offend other members no matter what it is.   -Jolteon
  12. Watched some streams of Titanfall. Really doesn't appeal to me. It just looks like another FPS but with robots. Maybe that'll be an unpopular opinion but it just does not look that entertaining to me; especially in the long run.   -Jolteon
  13. You can add whatever you like, just keep doing what your doing and posting more than once in two weeks bro     See I would be offended by that if not for the fact that it has an essence of truth... I've posted more today than I have in the last month... I been busy ain't nobody got time for dat.   -Jolteon
  14. Can I just add that Europe makes some fantastic metal. Nightwish, Within Temptation, Amaranthe etc. It's not the quite the same metal that has been posted before, but still badass.   -Jolteon
  15. Listen Monkey. This song will set you free. Is that not the goal?   -Jolteon
  16. I'm pretty well versed on the metal front. Much more modern metal than anything, but I'll listen to most kinds. Right now my favourite metal band is a band called BabyMetal who are a Japanese band that mix J-Pop and Metal and it's the most wonderful beautiful thing I've ever heard. Seriously. Check this out.     This song has a special place in my heart.   -Jolteon
  17. Oh goodness! I've got that rush of posting a new thread and waiting to see what people think of it! Tis Wunderbar!

  18. I'm finding myself begin to post more often. Is it possible I might be reigniting the old Jolteon flame?

    1. Boom115


      *Throws gasoline on you*

    2. ThrowAmonkeyBomb
    3. Jarhead N

      Jarhead N

      You better be, I want some damn Youtube content :p

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  19. CoDz very own GRILL will be joining me and Eye on ATP13 tonight. Live on Eye's YT channel at 4pm EST!

    1. Mr. Jay

      Mr. Jay

      Good luck with the show.

      BTW I nominate myself for a guest appearance.

    2. Boom115


      I think that will have to be ATP:After Dark

    3. GRILL


      Okay it's on twitch now:


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  20. Awww yeah 1500 posts bitches! (Let's ignore the fact I've been here three and a half years and have way less than people who have been here a year...)   -Jolteon
  21.   First time I've delved into the depths of this thread in a while, and I find this! What a way to make my day   But seriously, everything ok in here? Anybody need help finding a way out? I know they don't let you leave if you come here... They can be cruel...   -Jolteon
  22. How're the undead treating everyone on this fine Thursday?

    1. TheNathanNS


      I'm ill.

      Can't breathe and keep falling asleep and keep throwing up.

      A wonderful day. :S

      I wish I was immortal. Being ill sucks.

    2. LiL TS 420

      LiL TS 420

      They're dropping like flies in the zapper! zZZzzz

  23. As it turns out, moderating from my phone in class is more difficult than expected. Darn you CoDz for making me rebellious!

    1. MegaAfroMan


      You'll get the hang of it.

      I did.

  24. Across the Pond on tonight, and you can watch it through the CoDz Livestreaming feature :3

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