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  1. Well, there is no telling where those Monkeys come from, and I can't explain why Gersch was sucked into the Gersch because Treyarch themselves simply didn't bother to go more in-depth into his character. The Developers sucked him into the Gersch for the sake sucking him into the Gersch device, the Quest Egg. And the Astronaut from Moon, he clearly isn't human and is neither a Zombie. A trapped Soul maybe, the Avagadro maybe, and energy cannot be sucked into this thing either; Only matter. As for the walnut? It worked once. You don't know how the mentally damaged the walnut was either! Ha
  2. I explain the evidence further down, when talking about the "Dooms Day Theory".
  3. Hi, This is a piece written from my upcoming documentary analyzing the science of the Zombies Storyline. I thought I'd get the most important pieces out the way and post them on here, and cover a lot of misunderstood aspects of the story and discuss the subjects that just don't fit with the story itself. "Correcting the Multiverse" It is understandable that most of you do believe in the "Multi-Verse Theory", and some may believe that everything from the Origin to the events in Moon are linear. However, I am not here to twist your beliefs, actually I disagree with the Multi-Verse t
  4. I don't understand why you still think there is a "puppet master/controller". There is no doubt that there is some communication between the Zeds and there's no doubt there is something that triggers them. I don't completely disagree with your theory either, because I do think that there would be a Creature capable of having the power to influence and control other Zeds. Just not the way you're thinking.. Like through the Aether. No.
  5. Of course they need their brains to survive... And Richthofen does not control the Zombies. Zombies control themselves.
  6. I think Skuld is looking at the wrong person. He is right in saying Maxis is omnipresent, and the Maxis in Origins is not the one we know and love. And right again, given the true nature of Origins being in a reality parallel to the one we’re used to, you can’t really tell which reality from either [email protected] and Black Ops, is the true reality. The true form of Maxis… Want to know what I think? I don’t think Maxis was ever just a brain in a machine, leave that within Origins. I think that Maxis is communicating to us through a machine from an outside source; a source which is a reality that harnesse
  7. Bitch I love tuna.

  8. You can't just blow up Unumpentium and expect it to be 'Airborne'... You know how ridiculous that sounds? I was told last year that the idea they had after Black Ops 1 was to set the rockets upon Earth somehow open Agartha, however Agartha didn't exist in the realities we previously set ourselves in. Not to do whatever you just said. Fortunately they scrapped that idea quickly, so they had to think of a way to get into Agartha fast. I can't tell you how it will happen, but my theory is that they use the use of Pocket Universes to achieve this. Anyway, that whole nonesense with the Element 115
  9. You know, that whole rocket idea would fit in the storyline perfectly. But it's too bad that it's not the case. And it's not "completely destroyed" because fortunately we have Green Run. The world was not obliterated - just fragmented. People still lived on it despite the condition it was in. For some odd reason, people assume that the world just blew up entirely and there was nothing left but floating chunks of rocks. And while that is still true, those who survived it all still continued to live despite the outbreak. And as @swappingspit said, the rockets caused more zom
  10. You know, that whole rocket idea would fit in the storyline perfectly. But it's too bad that it's not the case. And it's not "completely destroyed" because fortunately we have Green Run.
  11. Nothing. Treyarch has wrapped the story, in my eyes. Even though this is a messy ending, the only reason it is that way is because of the plot holes that Treyarch could not close. Those holes, IMO, are not meant as Treyarch's way of leaving anything open. It's just a failure. However, taking into consideration how messy everything was prior to the Origins ending, I applaud Treyarch for it. This was the best that even the most imaginative writer could have done with respect to closing as many plot holes as possible. Sure, the notion of it all being a children's game is more like a huge quil
  12. I agree, it's not a perfect circle and the story itself is imperfect. What would you do to change things?
  13. Anybody wanna watch Bee movie together?

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