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  1. This has been posted a few times already, i'm sure. But i'm pretty happy because this does mean we ARE continuing on an important part of the stories because this lighthouse is probably connected to the boards in der Riese. I have also seen, I was shown it by someone, XAvengedLullabyX who was told by liamFTwinter (Hope spelled your names correctly). That the lighthouse is accesible to some point because the Mistery Box light is coming out of the top of the lighthouse. Maybe we are concieved and it is behind but wouldn't that be a bummer. Let's hope the best and let's hope the story is really continuing. Sorry if the image is a bit big but here you can again see the light.
  2. I Quote myself but not in precise words, It doens't matter, Male or Female, We WILL like them as long as they live up to our standards with jokes and brutalness. I really don't mind new characters as long as they're not as random as the president of the united states with his companions.
  3. I don't know why you are complaining since this is just his tought. If you think of something completely different you do that. Even though I don't think this theory is argumented enough it doesn;t mean to just call him an idiot for posting. If you would've come out with this idea (don't start saying you're too smart for this) and someone would start calling you an idiot because you post it and all things. You wouldn't like it either. You just come here to share your theories and see others but if you can't respect those other theories why are you even here and why would i respect yours then?
  4. See this is what i sorta thought, maybe it is a map with some goals like in the cmpaign in it. I know some people have been asking for things like this so if it is true, some people might be happy.
  5. It doesn't matter if it is a male or a female as long as it lives up to the standard of the jokes that our previous characters have brought us, everyone will like him/her without any complaints.
  6. There was something with a picture of a rocket which said: Power needs to be switched on, which was exactly next to the "Main Power Switch" Myabe there isn't even one switch maybe there's multiple.
  7. I think those things are for the rocket, i heard something about it being accesible or launchable, im not sure though just rumours i heard.
  8. He mighgt just be right, maybe you can't go into the kino but you might be able to see it. There are some significant similarities, such as the Tv Tower and the No-Mans land Turret Thing. Whenever you are in the alley and shoot that radio, on the bunker thing. I believe that that thing is actually where the auto turrets are in in Berlin Wall so ehh.. Maybe that ís the berlin wall.
  9. I see 2 (3 if the sabertooth 360 is diffrent then the original one) new weapons sabertooth_360_upgraded_zm sabertooth_360_zm sabertooth_upgraded_zm sabertooth_zm tesla_gun_upgraded_zm tesla_gun_zm I've already put an entire Topic on this, and even i wasn't the first to do that. So people who are on the forums regularly should know about this. I have already let out things about the Sabertooth. However i would rather have the DG-2+DG-3 back than a new weapon... DG-2/DG-3 Are awesomesause
  10. Well... Maybe its the Sabertooth . The Ak-47 had a file which was with zombies, it also had one which had MK which some people said meant Master Key, which was an undermounted shotgung. But in the Unused weapon files for zombies there was a Sabertooth and a Sabertooth 360 bot with upgraded version. Someone suggested that the Sabertooth might be some sort of Lightsword, and when it is out of ammo i guess it'll becoma a Sabertooth 360 with which you can hit the zombie in his face. OR It is the Magic Pink Cowbell! :D
  11. Those scrapped maps were MP maps, so they probably have no connection to zombies. Also, there is no way of knowing that the pentagon MP map was scrapped then turned into a zombies map, thats just someone on the call of duty wiki making speculations. Also, the under water number station cant be Ascension since The number station was under the Rusalka, which was out at sea in Cuban waters. And since they speak Spanish in Cuba (Amirite?), the title of the map couldn't be "Ascension." Yes, but the theory might be quitte right about the map "Five", however the fact that it was completely indoors might've done it. But maybe therefore they used it for zombies. It would've been nice though, the Heroes underwater to find something about Numbers or something. Than zombies have come onto the boat (idunno how but whatever) Then they are trapped underwater and they can ascend to the deck of the boat or something. :P
  12. Yea i've seen all, but i think it's not simillar to this one. Because it isn't in the Lighthouse whatsoever, it's only on the beach, some tunnel and under some sort of house. I think that if it's in the lighthouse, u should be able to ascend and therefor buy ur way all the way up the lighthouse, maybe even with an elevator in it like in "Five"
  13. Well i'm thrilled for the new easter egg. even though im not a fan of the rock music used in the song 115 and "Beauty of Annihilation"which were used in Kino and der Riese. I did like Lullaby for a dead man, which was for Verruckt i believe and The One, for Shi no Numa then (or the other way around) and i hope there'll be a download link for this one on the CoD site like the others.
  14. THe room with the rocket is, if i'm not mistaken not only to be seen by teleporting into it, but als in the map "Five". When buying the first door, the window on the opposite side off the Elevator. (this window needs zombies to open the wall to be used) If u look through it you'll see the rocket, which in Kino can launch. THe room does look a pecularly lot like it. I don't think i'm the first to find this. but it might help.
  15. See, I wouldn't know anything from the singleplayer campaign that has yet been put into zombies. Maps or area's at the most. I haven't seen any player from the campaign in zombies yet, so i think it unthinkable that Clarke is in there so i think it's just some texture.
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