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  1. Were getting cross game chat, thats all. Big whoop psn downs, i find it funy.
  2. In beauty of anhilation it says, "feel the cup with poision"
  3. Possiable date for ascension? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/N1_(rocket)
  4. In a radio it says i wosh lugzig would stop bring that little girl or summin like that
  5. Look's like this time there making a stand? possiably where it all end's? nah treyarch will make as much cash outta this.
  6. As some as you know there is a berlin wall outside kino, and a mp is comin' out what has the berlon wall. Maybe we could c kino?
  7. Could anyone be willing to gameshare the [email protected] maps, i'll let them dl playstation plus stufff off me :)
  8. I was doing some reasearch, about ascention island and thr light house "St.helena", im doing more reasearch as we speek.
  9. You bloody douche, it was sent from my ipod on round 38 at 3:30 am. You know, gets harder to multitask by then. Unlike you on round 2 kissing your sister
  10. I was doing 2 man game and i saw writing on the mp40 and b4 u posy t Its not scatches
  11. When you put the disk in and warch the begining bit, where that lady talks she says acention or however its spelt but the name of new zombie map followed by numbers? Could this mean anything?
  12. Hey, i was just wondering if the americans had anything to dp with the whole thing, because theres ezwurds book in nuke town, were they tested the atomic bombs abd the name of the atom bomb project was called "manhattan project" so just seeing if anyone has any ideas?
  13. Just wondering, perhaps they got tele'd to Kino? because the other characters did. that could explain there rooms and name plates?
  14. Has anyone noticed in the top right it seems to be a picture of a giant monster or some sort of dog? and above it, it say's "the bees are verschwude of Ludwig village"
  15. what about, "mycreation", "daughter" or something along the lines, "zombie" possably?
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