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  1. Has anyone tried looking for the another Navcard? Other than the one at spawn.. Honestly think there is more than one in some hidden reach of the map, the reason I think this? When you insert it, it clearly states: You have the INCORRECT navcard. Not the machine needs to have something done to it... Really hope Treyarch doesn't make this a money game and makes you buy DLC to retrieve the navcard..
  2. Nuketown Zombies is only available through the Hardened Edition, but there is no Hardened Edition for the PC version?? I had no other idea where to put this, so is Nuketown Zombies exclusive to Xbox360 and PS3??? If anyone can help me out, it'd be VERY helpful! :)
  3. Wow! Great connection! Do I think "The Hills Have Eyes" has anything to do with our zombie campaign? Honestly, no. But of course, everyone is wrong at one point in their lives.
  4. Maybe it's possibly one of the Vril-ya that Richtofen killed off? Aliens are often depicted as having elongated skulls.. Idk, just spitting out ideas. PLUS, to add, the Vril did locate themselves in Shangri-La to mine 115..
  5. They would be chasing the bus because there would players inside presumably. Why doesn't the driver attack the players inside? Because it's Richtofen having his fun. He is controlling the driver and not allowing it to attack the player.
  6. Let's begin with the Bus Driver. Is he undead? A robot? I believe he IS being controlled by Richtofen, and he IS a zombie. If you look at patterns throughout the zombies storyline, Richtofen constantly relays the message of this being a "game". This is JUST a thought, but maybe he is making his own little world? Toying with the characters, and having his fun with them. This is based off the fact that on Moon, after he is given control of the zombies he says this "I WIN! ... The power! THE POWER! I WILL CONTROL THEM ALL! I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL! But not before we continue the game." Also, with Richtofen being mentally insane, maybe the power is getting to his head? He can't contain himself and wants to have some fun. Thoughts?
  7. Maybe they were PoW's. Forced to be test subjects? The Nazis had a reputation for taking people captive... Just my thought. Good Theory though!!!
  8. On Call of the Dead, if you look at a player when they talk/use their mic, there is a small number 1 by the ((
  9. Hey, It's 9:16 here, and the server has crashed I do believe... Looks like we may have to wait a couple of hours to find out whether this site is real or a hoax. I certainly hope it is signaling toward MW3 because I've loved the other Modern Warfares, even with their obvious flaws that encompass the game.
  10. Where is my L96A1?!?! This is blasphemy!
  11. Yes, I know a Machinima commentator has a video on making it to Round 40. Can't remember his name at the moment though
  12. I SAW THIS TOO!!!! It was talking about the Cold War, and the space race between Russia and the United States. It was on at 7 ( Central Time ). Right after The Most, if that helps. It talks about Yuri a bit too, but nothing about zombies... *sigh* ( Yes that was sarcasm )
  13. Too bad the ideas were scraped last second. Maybe they'll come out in a later update?? Idk, most likely not... Would be very cool though!
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