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  1. Btw, my GT is Tater Salad. Just invite me and Ill join.
  2. Anyone wanna try the Napalm Zombie with me? I can play all night :D
  3. I think Stoned is eating breakfast :/ I invited you to a party. Im gonna quickly see if I can find the first few Easter Egg steps to get us started.
  4. And I apologize for not posting this in the Teammate Finder :3
  5. Hey CoDz! Looks like TTG has already found the first step to the Easter Egg. We cant a website like that beat us too the Prize :twisted: Im proposing we start an Easter Egg team to look for the next Steps. My GT: Tater Salad Does anyone want to help out?
  6. He had grey hairs since the start.... Not like the gray strip on Ascension though. And here's why I believe Ascension is in '81: It looks like '82 for the one on the left, and '81 for Ascension. The Magazines have to be from the 60's. Notice: The Magazine to the right says: "Space Race! Who will get to space first?" If I may quote 'Even Stevens': "We went to the moon, in 1969. Not 1968, a yearrrr lay-ter." If the magazines are from '81, why would they have those titles?
  7. For those saying that the quote Dempsey makes is reason enough that CotD takes place AFTER Ascension, do realize that Treyarch is known for breaking the 4th wall... IE: Dempsey says: "Come on Treyarch, give us a new objective!" Or something along those lines. I think this is another case of breaking the 4th wall. When the reward for completing the Gersch EE was just 90 Second Death Machines, there were HUGEEEE complaints from Zombies fans, and even people from this site. Treyarch decided that the reward for the EE would have to be the DG2 and put in that Dempsey quote to mock the total failure of the EE in Ascension. ^That's just what I think. As for the Clothes. I think that Ascension can take place in different time periods. There are arguments for every single possibility. I do however have to say, that this map has to happen AFTER Der Riese, because that's when they time travel for the first time. 1. The Clothes- They imply that Ascension takes place LATER in the storyline. 2. Getting the first part of Richtofens Device- Implies that this map comes AFTER Kino, but before CotD. 3. Total WTFery of the map and characters (Clean uniforms, No scratches)- implies that this map never even happened. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- An interesting argument I don't see being made is this: Why is Richtofen the only one that looks younger on Ascension? I have an idea. Perhaps there are TWO Richtofens. Wait wait. Hear me out now guys. As we've seen in Kino, inside Sam's play room, she has models of every character correct? Then it wouldn't be hard for her to introduce ANOTHER one. So maybe while they were time traveling from DR to Kino, a 2nd Richtofen was created, and teleported immediately to Ascension. Then, when the crew teleported from Kino to Ascension, the original Richtofen was teleported into the closet in CotD, and waited there by himself until the other 3 characters were teleported there. ^This is HIGHLY unlikely, but I'm just thinking out loud here. :P
  8. I agree that we do have to look at what Richtofen wants in each map. Nacht Der Untoten: Not important to Richtofen's story. Verruckt: Same as above. Shi No Numa: Shi No Numa is where they have large amounts of 115 and that meteorite. Isn't this also where the Raygun was developed? Der Riese: 3 reasons. 1. Wunderwaffe 2. Die Glocke 3. Teleporters Kino Der Toten: Simply because Richtofen wanted to learn more about Time Travel and MKUltra Mind Control experiments if you know what I mean. Five: Again. Irrelevant. Ascension: 4 Reasons. 1. Gersch Device for Time/Space Travel through the Aether. 2. Chasimir Mechanism (What for? Im uncertain) 3. To free Gersch himself. (Why? Again, I can't be certain, however, I believe its because he wants to learn how to stabilize the Gersch Device) 4. Ill talk about this point later. Call of the Dead: Vril Generator. Shangri-La: I believe Richtofen is here to learn more about the Vril Society. Perhaps he needs another artifact to complete his machine, but I think it's more for knowledge sake. So if I had to put the maps in an order, it would go: NDU > Verruckt > SNN > Der Riese > Call of the Dead > Shangri-La > Kino Der Toten > MISSING MAP > Ascension. Why is Ascension last you ask? The Gersch Device is supposed to have access to the Aether. Richtofen comes here to find Gersch and go through the Gersch device to fight Sam. This explains his space suit. It's not a Space Suit, rather an "isolation suit" if you will, to protect him from the harshness of the Aether. So what is the missing map? I think it is actually an Area 51 map. inb4 "ZOMG THERE WILL NEVER BE ALIENS NOOB!". Area 51 isn't only famous for it's interest in Aliens, it's also famous for being involved with almost ANYTHING supernatural. It would only be Logical for them to have Element 115 stored there. This would also explain where Richtofen gets his Space Suit and How the crew learns about Gersch. I do realize my post is probably wrong, but I'm on Vacation in NY right now, and it's raining out, so I just wanted to find something to do. Im basically just thinking out loud. Thanks for reading all of this if you did xD
  9. Perhaps there are more barrels like the ones you pointed out? Maybe near the places depicted in the 4 pictures? Try shooting the barrels w/ The Wunderwaffe. And if that doesnt work, try shooting them w/ The Wunderwaffe whilst having Zombie Vision. Give me credit if it works ;)
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKbJlqpl9pE You can go to FindMakarov.com to see for yourself. Does anyone else see the face in the background that resembles a Zombie almost? And that heartbeat is eerie because it is so similar to the Heartbeat of Mason in BO. Personally, I think that Activision will either be lying and release a trailer tomorrow, or we will be learning of a MW Movie. Whether you think this is fake or not, it has to be covered because we just don't know. Sorry I'm beating a dead horse (is that the saying... Ahh Fuck you *Nikolai Voice*) Thank you for your time, -Matthew.
  11. This made me die a little inside. No, it's not the "Wonderwaffe", it's the "Wunderwaffe" and it's not pronounced Vundervaff, it's pronounced Vundervaffe. Anyone who has taken basic German would know that. Sorry for going off topic xD. But about the thread. I think that the title needs to be changed because as of yet, we don't ACTUALLY know if it works. But I do agree that we need to test every hypothesis because how do we know someone isn't telling the truth. tl;dr Its Wunderwaffe. Change the title of this thread. Try all ideas.
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