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  1. This is really cool! Now I can actually look through the terminal since I never looked into it in Black Ops.
  2. Welcome to the Site! But if want in a special secret group you need to give me your Cookies... Lol jk! If you have any questions be sure to ask because someone will answer it.
  3. No it's really good! I like it. Compared to my Battlefield one below It's better imo. I mean all I do for every Pic/Sig I just add layers then apply Glow, Sharpen, & Soften Photo and it makes it darker, It's really not the best editing but it gets the job done for me.
  4. I use Paint.net, It's a free Photo editing software. I'll give a link to get it below. Also did you make your Sig? http://paint.net/
  5. I selected to join the Survivor Group and it's been 2 days since and I haven't been added. Does the Survivor group require something else other than applying for it? :? Thanks! 8-)
  6. I'd totally be interested. However I couldn't donate Also If this does happen, The server I play on has a thing where new players can't build and the can only be allowed to build if they answer some questions, So I suggest having something like that in case there are Griefers.
  7. You know if that does happen some people will upload it to Youtube...
  8. Live Action is where a Video/Film doesn't use animations and is in regular time. Here's an example below. So that would be Zombies Live in a way, But with Zombies Idk how they wouldn't use animations :? But on the topic of that, I think it is a Zombies Live Action Film/Video... But there is the possibility that I think it could be a standalone Zombies Game (CoD 9) 8BbMJsvNGk0
  9. KrazyCookies


    To OP: Just a little tip, this should be posted in the Ipod section (Very bottom of Index Page on Console Forum) but it's ok. As for the question, I have no idea as I don't own a Ipod (Zune No flame war lol I really want it on my Zune) and don't know how Ipod version was and what it didn't have the Console versions had. As for our little Claymore buddy here, He's just like a random Claymore placed on a Map, You're gonna' get mad because really it shouldn't be there... But what you can do to avoid it is use Hacker/SitRep and notice it's there and ignore it. And to Claymore, It was pretty unnecessary to say that, he was just asking a simple question. And you're pretty hated round' here lately so I'd watch what you say or sooner or later you'll be hated by everyone!
  10. Both. But look at this, They are two different games and each attracts it's own crowd. Battlefield ----------- *Tactical *Realistic *Slow paced *Bigger Maps Etc. Call Of Duty ------------ *Run & Gun *Not Realistic *Fast Paced *Small Maps Etc. You really can't compare them just because they are in the FPS genre.
  11. Wow... I might have actually been right! (With the whole Split Group part) With the rumor of 2 on the Moon and 2 at Area 51 ( :evil: ) We'll just have to wait and see... *EDIT I might still be right with my theory as well, because I'm sure there are multiple teleporters around the map, So what If it tepleports you to different bases...
  12. Mother #$%# Lol I kept saying there was going to be no Area 51 but look I'm wrong and now I have to give all my cookies out :cry: ... Anyways I'm still excited and still trying to figure out what the logo represents.
  13. The whole Zombie Soundtrack will be included as well as 3 new Songs... The 3 new songs will be, *Ascension's Song-Abracadavre *Shangri-La's Song-Pareidolia *Moon's Song-??? Hope this cleared it up. 8-) http://www.amazon.com/Call-Duty-Black-Zombies-Soundtrack/dp/B004J57AKK
  14. "The Travel" -The crew using the Teleporter and going to Kino/Shi No Numa (From new radio and going into the future) That's my thoughts on why there was the misspell...
  15. 3rd Person was actually one of my favorite modes (With it being a GRAW Style) They should bring it back but make a Mosh Pit (Random Game Modes if I'm right) so it's not just Team Tac.
  16. Imagine Nacht Der Untoten like this... Okx7X7XV87A Only with the PaP underneath the building, By having where the radio is located near the Random Box replaced with a door and a have that a underground passage way to the PaP machine...
  17. I believe the Soundtrack is this... With all the new DLC Easter Egg Songs added in.
  18. The same thing happened with MW2 and CoD: Classic... It's pretty much common sense to know they will release these things later on... (Though I myself tried to get Hardened first) Be happy, You got those maps for BO for 8 Months! and you'r getting this new pack for free... and don't have to fork out another $15 (I know it purely your own decision on if you want to buy the packs or not)
  19. Now I know i've made a topic bout' this a while back and it got pretty good feedback... So I ask again, Would you like Split groups to return from Vurruckt to this map? Here's my ideas. Now I don't know how many of you liked the idea of being split up into 2 groups was an cool idea or not, but it made Zombies more Suspenseful and more challenging, because of having only another person to fight off the zombies until you reunite with the other group. And if this is added to the Moon map then it could make Zombies a little more challenging than recent maps (Not that they weren't already.) They could also make little side objectives for each group to do to be able to meet up with each other instead of having only 1 group go for an objective much like Vuruckt. Now I believe this IS coming back for the Moon map. How you ask? Well let me show you... In the image below you can see the bridge, it's not connected to the other "Base" So what if you were split much like Vurruckt but this time you have to do certain things (Turn on Power for each Base, Press switch on each side to connect the bridge(s?)) And then there was the somewhere (Srry can't find it, Will edit once I do) where they said this is going to be the most challenging Zombies Map yet, so Splitting Groups would make it even more challenging! This is all speculation, So none of this is true. So I would like your guy's opinion on if this should be in the map or not?
  20. That first pic. reminds me of Discovery a little? Does anyone else see the similarities and is this map based of Discovery?
  21. OMG it is lol... See I always rush to these things when I should be taking my time... Also, I got a Question... Do only the people who bought the Hardened and Prestige get the Theme and Music or is that for everyone?
  22. On the poster for the Moon Picture I believe I see a UFO to the left of the Earth...
  23. I got another question... Do only the people that bought Hardened and Prestige get the Theme Music?
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