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  1. Think you will find that Raven are confirmed to be working with Treyarch to some degree on BO. Does it really matter either way is the real question that should be asked. The answer to that question is NO. lol TRUE! That article says " Black Ops' DLC Mappacks wil NOT be produced by the game's developer, Treyarch" so thats why I said Fake, because it is total BS
  2. If she could just Draw a Monkey Bomb with "BOOM" on top I would buy it defo
  3. Maybe Treyarch has pics on there walls of Zombies and Zombies Dogs from WaW
  4. Why did he sign it there ?
  5. I want to see a UAV jammer again
  6. Moving Grass would add alot of Realism to the Game
  7. Prime

    Beta Questions

    I don't think it would be fair if it was just Xbox, it will probs be all consoles
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