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  1. also what i mentioned was that one of those new crawlers seems to run back to her? maybe she's controlling them? at wich point does it come in the video?
  2. Zyco

    47093- EBOLA.

    Thank you! Also, there is no proof that 115 caused the zombies in WaW! Only proof that it is in the game and also that it is in the guns like the wunderwaffle. Maybe the virus cause the nazi zombies too? Discuss! 115 would only cause it through direct contact, Ebola could spread through the air i dont think that this theory would work 'cause you remember in Verrückt Zombiagz came out of the earth cause they were DEAD and even dead ebola infected are still only dead but if i look at this theory with my hyped eye why not a modifyed Ebola virus like Ebola+115= Zombags?
  3. ":24-:27 Lower Middle Left TV -You see the men with gas masks on ground going through what seems to be a air filled place with something it. One of the men is either reacting to the air, and collapses and lets off a shot." is that Nova Gas in use? From the archievement list i remember there was a archievement about surviving Nova 6 gas maybe thats connected (some other archievements also)? what leads me to " :07-:11 - You see there is many things going on especially seeing some soldiers wearing some gas masks going through this place.(Hospital,Lab?) On the left side of the screen you will see 4 TVs that connect to each other showing that the zombies actually look like they rip you apart and then consume you." and ":27-:29 Bottom middle TVs -If you can pause in between this timeframe, you can kinda get a glimpse of a man that has yet to be zombified or killed. Looks like he looks up, and from edge of that screen you will see what looks like a "Crawler" crawling away. -Could be as if that man behind the "Crawler" was controlling it." maybe we are now able to actually become a zombie? and like switch the sides or (if you remember) "if i meet your Master i'm kickin' his ass" to control the new zombie types?
  4. whats about this "Spike TV" thing someone checked?
  5. good video i liked the music
  6. I'm pretty sure thats a fake 'cause in one interview one of the treyarch producers said that they will support the game also after its release (= DLC) but raven does great work on their games like singularity but thats a fake for sure
  7. I know there are a few Topics like that already but i want to increase the chance that Treyarch'll read that. now my ideas: A little bit of moving grass, interactive envoirement, physix in general that would be great. Moving grass: The detail adds the beauty, it makes the whole game much more realistic and creates great atmosphere. Interactive envoirement: switches, lights ,generators,: if you have the possibility to change the map (not like in modern suckfest 2 where you could shoot with a friggin rocket at a wall and nothing would happen) it would feel much more realistic ( what is as i have understood the greatest goal of Trey by now). so if they would made a map like that -> nighttime, many houses , litten by some little lightssources like lamps etc. and a little switch or a generator in the cellar ( thats what under the house sry for bad english) of a house. if somebody knifes that thing all the lights turn off and people will need nightvision goggles or a fire to see something. :geek: gaspipes: that would actually be badass and would fit into the time era. imagine a house maybe some cia labpratory with test chambers for all those different gas and poison experiments. the pipes themself are indestructible but you can shoot your way through some heavy doors to get to the control center and blow that damn thing up! that would be great maybe with some red flashing lights and the well know *that object will destroy itsef in 3...2...1* voice. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: doors,switches: maybe some SnD gametype with the objective to breach into a house :twisted: :shock: !!!!!! where one team defends a bomb inside a building and another team needs to breach and kill'em all or just plant again the defending team should have the possibility to close massive doors wich could be just opened by two ways 1) switches 2) Rocketlauncherz Zombie: Open maps ? maybe some king of L4D remake for black ops zombies in vietnam , a swamp . would be great but isnt nececary. ang finally my last idea i would really love to see that one in black ops but i dont think that it'll be in there WEAPON MELEE ATTACK WOOT! that would actually be just f*king great! so tellme what you think and as always plx give thumbs :D
  8. When you played that mode did it show the scripts at the bottom like it did in the video? Because in the video it kept showing script about the ak47, where there any unconfirmed guns that showed up when you were playing? pretty sure thats not a gamemode its just to show how realistic it is 'cause i dont think in a normal gamemode you see the scripts running huh? ;P
  9. then plx press on the *thumbs up* button i really need brainz xD but what about the envoirement? good or bad idea?
  10. ok what i know from this vid is that 1) there will be DLC maybe for free :DDDDD 2) Highly realistic 3) they use ZBrush to create their characters OH MY GAAAWWWWD xD
  11. i would love to see interactive envoirement and Weapon melee attacks :DDD interactive envoirement = a little switch outside of a house, a night map, lights in the house , if you shoot one of the lights it turns off, if you shoot on the switch or knife it all the lights go off and ppl inside will need nightvision gogles (sry dont know how to write that damn thing ;P) to see something. weapon melee = *in your face hit* with the ak xD that would be badass. also the customization idea is great , but i think that it will be in the game already cause in one interview he said that treyarch want to give us the tools to customize smthing (dunno what exactly it was ;P) *EDIT* i dont think legend perks are a good idea. , 'cause thats one more reason to hack and camp the shit out of a game. actually i hate unlockables (except for titles,emblems and atachments) , you should have the possibility to use every weapon from the beginning but unlock atachments while playing
  12. lol i think the better question it , what not ? xD nah IW fucked MW2 up that badly its no fun anymore, got too noobfriendly, just look at waw( they should bring out some new patches and get rid of noob perks and tac-insertions
  13. 7th lvl 70 yeah the russian star ownz xD
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