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  1. No, I believe some people really are starting this bs again. Well at least they are trying to. I wish Black Ops would hurry up and come out so this could all be over.
  2. the article i found made it out like treyarch wouldn't have much of anything to do with any dlc but according to what most of the people here have said it won't be a big deal. like i said before, as long as treyarch has their hands on it in some way i'm good.
  3. i checked that site out and it's pretty cool. thanks for posting it.
  4. that's good news. thanks for clearing that up.
  5. ok guys i just found this link: http://www.mapmodnews.com/article.php?s ... ck-Ops-DLC ummmm.... i really hope this is just some stupid rumor because there is no way another developer can do it as good as treyarch! i only posted this because i didn't see any other post about this topic. the article on the website is kinda old. i couldn't find any more info on the net related to this either. anybody have any comments? i hope someone can shine some light on this information.
  6. you're not stupid. i completely understand where you are coming from. i wasn't into the mp that much on WaW, all i loved was zombies. so i didn't want to pay 30 bucks for all the maps either. in fact me and my wife both said the same thing you did regarding the 3 zombie maps for $10. $30 for all the maps isn't that bad though UNLESS you don't play online much. either way you will be better off just paying the 30 than buying the maps separately. give the mp a try though if you play online, it's very good .
  7. if you are willing to pay $20 for 3 maps then save up $10 more and get all the maps. just tell yourself that your getting a bargain! :lol:
  8. welcome and go play zombies so you can share our addiction! lol.
  9. i've got nothing but a headache. maybe we are reading into this way too much. i bet it's something we have looked over a thousand times.
  10. wow that just shows everyone how awful mw2 is. as if we needed more proof. i can't really say a lot though, i still play it.
  11. when i pre-ordered the game at gamestop the lady helping me said it was for the beta but that is still unconfirmed as far as i'm concerned. i hate all this waiting!!! i hope we do get a beta though. that will certainly help pass the time.
  12. another reason verruckt is harder is once you open most of the doors and both sides reach the box there is really nowhere to go. death is inevitable unless you glitch which is boring. i personally like verruckt if i'm with a good team. problem is most people play snn or der reise.
  13. i'm tlc7011 and i just found out about the gknova6 stuff yesterday. i joined this website because i thought it was one of the best i had ever visited. i am learning alot about black ops and i can't wait for an official announcement of a new zombie mode!
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