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  1. Hey i was playing solo zombies and thought...Why cant i check stats when im kicking on solo? I dont wanna die just to see where im at on my K/D
  2. I hate it and if u do it u schould have your Gamertag or Psn name taken off its dumb and theres no reason to ruin the game for honest people. its pretty bad i cant find one game of WaW without everyone haveing mods or one free for all with out boosting
  3. Hardcore is cool but team killing is dumb its really pointless yeah its reallistic but dicks online do nothing but team kill and on S&D u will get team killed cuz u have the bomb so its a big waste
  4. really the only gun worth anything on that dumb game is the Aug bar and the over powerd UMP
  5. i was just a gamestop and they said zombies was confirmed
  6. Anyone know if i will have to beat black ops single player to unlock zombies
  7. Gamertag Captainwow14 im thinking around 4:00 2day
  8. i use the WaW pin-up theme
  9. mabye the ray gun has a lot of stuff on it
  10. good job i have been done with MW2 for about a month.now i play orange box
  11. hahahah this sucks who would be dumb enough to think this is real
  12. IW dosent have enough money 2 release a full game and even if they do they cant have any updates cuz they are low on money.
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