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  1. Nixon's my favorite character on Five, so listening to all his quotes was fairly enjoyable, as I almost never get to be Nixon.
  2. I had that happen once, it lagged to hell, then I got stuck in third person with no gun, until I died... I don't know if anyone else got stuck with third person perspective but the no gun part happened at the same time so I figured I'd mention it and see if it happened to anyone else.
  3. The sound on me tv isn't all that great, or it could be the fact that the cables in the back don't stay in tight enough or something so whenever my annoying younger siblings thump too much my sound cuts out, but there's a Dempsey line I'd like completed for me as I only clearly hear the end of it. It's the line where he yells out Zomb**tch at the end of it. I just want to know what he yells out beforehand. If anyone can help out that'd be appreciated thanks.
  4. I stay in the theater room until such time as there is anywhere from 10-20 zombs or so in the room, then I circle through the beginning room, up the stairs, through the portrait room, through the speed cola room, and pretty much make my way back to the theater, usually leaving claymores and grenades behind me in the hopes of creating crawlers. I also make a side trip to activate all the rocks and get 115 to play, so pretty much all the doors get opened meaning holding anywhere would mean certain death, but for a short relief always activate the teleporter, and chuck grenades out the window after taking the teleporter, as the zombs almost always just stand there until the later rounds at least.
  5. It is awesome, however I would never pay that much for 4 lego guys, if he built one of the maps and some zombies then maybe. It is still pretty cool though.
  6. Like: Zombies and Campaign (would say more but you said just 2) Hate: Some of the spawns on some maps, not all of them just some of them.
  7. I finished it, no part was really that difficult, though I seemed to have the most problems in Kowloon, then again I did it using just duelies...
  8. Zombies and Multiplayer about equally depending on the day, SP I'll do just for something different after I beat it the first time, to take a break from the other things.
  9. Something by Manowar or maybe Dio might work depending on the song of course, something like Blood of the Kings definately wouldn't work out...
  10. They're all great in there own ways, so I love em all...
  11. A combination of Reach, and Nazi zombies depending on what I'm in the mood for, however come the 8th it'll be pretty much all Nazi Zombies all day until I debark my home for my midnight release of Black Ops :D
  12. Not sure if this means anything or not, but does anyone else notice on the site itself that the screen jumps up slightly towards the ceiling, it's probably meaningless but maybe worth mentioning.
  13. I always go the way of the trench gun, activate power, circle back and grab Juggernog and Betties, that's just what I do though.
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