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  1. Just a bit of a heads up... NGTZ just posted the final part/step. Up on Youtube right now. Edit in! :mrgreen:
  2. Wait... It shoots flames o: Doesn't look like flames, looks more like some sort of energy blast. Look at some screen-frames near that one, there's some kind of lightning bolt on a zombie to the right hand side (not in this pic) and also right after there's a zombie that looks like it's bright blue (same wonder weapon)
  3. Guys, I've worked with coding before and the whole thing about weapon "hits" being false means that they shouldn't/do not need to be used is not what that means. The (weapon)_hit == false is indicatory that the (weapon)_hit is what's called a flag. A flag is basically like a little switch for a lightbulb. In this case, the lightswitch is when the (weapon) "hits" the gersch. The lightbulb is the (weapon)_hit. So that portion of the code is simply making sure that in the code, the lightbulb (weapon)_hit for that gersch device is switched off. If anyone has had any experience with coding (even something as simple as like a TI calculator its just setting a flag variable to false. When the gersch is hit by the (weapon) then the flag will be set to: (weapon)_hit == true. That rules out that the code saying all those (weapon) hits being "== false" does not mean that you either definitely need or definitely do not need those weapons. I'm taking a look into the interesting part of the code that seems to be referring to the damage counters and the apparent difference between the "ann_egg" and the "gersch_egg".
  4. There's something that interests me here... Did anyone else notice that there are two different "egg" reference codes? There's an "ann_egg" and a "gersh_egg". With the 4th part of the Gersh light egg, there are two different egg triggers (ann and gersh) which have different success and fail notifications (i.e. "_success" and "_fail"). Are there two different egg subsets here? Is there a certain order/amount that we have to use the weapons to activate the right "_success" flag(s)? *EDIT* Looking back over the code, I have figured that the "ann" stands for announcer and "gersh" implies Dr. Gersch. I don't know if there are in fact two different voices involved in the egg, I'd have to look back over some of the videos. But now I think we can look more into the egg if things like the announcer might say something versus Gersch might say something. *EDIT* There is one thing that seems suspicious and intriguing in the code though. Near the end after all of the "weapon_combo" and "thundergun_hit" flags being true or false or what-have-you, there is reference to a "trigger" and more specifically there is one line about "kill_trigger" on "death". The "death" does not seem to have a specific value to it, so it may reference a player death (meaning if a player dies the "trigger" might disappear) or maybe the "gersch death" where the gersch explodes and the "soul" (that little white dot) floats into the sky. Just some ideas). Gonna keep scouring the code...
  5. Yup. Activision released a statement denying any truth to findmakarov.com. Ah well. It's still a really good live-action. http://www.gamespot.com/news/6300925.html?tag=mncol;txt
  6. Yup, it's by Acitvision and a MW3 announcement. Activision has released a statement denying any link or tie with findmakarov.com. It's a hoax. A very good hoax, but a hoax nonetheless. http://www.gamespot.com/news/6300925.html?tag=mncol;txt
  7. I think its a passkey or levelkey for sia indicating Sam is angry. I base it on the fact that sam_is_angry is a keypoint reference for different sounds and effects. I think we'd have to delve into more of the code to find out more. Anyone know where I can find it? *EDIT* What's interesting that I've seen so far are a few references to "level" Cosmodrome. Is there another zombie map in the works involving a Cosmodrome?
  8. I think there's a small possibility that the code really is incomplete at the moment, however I think it's quite possible that they will subtly slip in a patch to Ascension that finishes the code once the pack comes out for pc/ps3. It makes sense for them to delay the entire egg for 2 reasons. Reason 1: If we did manage to figure out the entire egg before the pc/ps3'ers got a chance to try and work on it, it would be extremely unfair to the same pc/ps3 players. Reason 2: Hate to say it, but the point of map packs is largely about making more money. The only way to do that is to generate good publicity (basic economics theory). Think about it, all of us on here have definitely heard about GKNova6.com (and if you hadn't I suggest you read everything on it ASAP), and once we figured out it really was Black Ops, quite a few of us were much more convinced to buy the game. Why? Publicity. So now think of the egg. Let's say for argument's sake that this egg sets up either a whole new storyline for zombies or furthers the one that has been set in place since CoD5. Let's also say for argument's sake that Treyarch/Activision released the map pack with Ascension with the full easter egg. If we had found the entire egg and it was all over, don't you think that pc/ps3 would lose a *lot* of interest in the pack? We'd have already figured out the egg so what was the point other than to have a few new maps? Not having a complete egg before it was released in full makes sense, as it's like a mini-viral campaign within Zombies. It's building our anticipation in a sense.
  9. I just want to put this out there. I have been interested in Quantum Mechanics and the like for awhile now, and I've been looking at practical applications for certain Quantum Mechanics principles. I looked at the Casimir effect awhile ago, and I noticed something interesting. When I was looking on Google for a certain supplement to some side research I was doing, I glanced across a DARPA reference, which was strange to me. So I decided to follow up just now, and look into it, and surprisingly this is what I found: http://www.nanowerk.com/spotlight/spotid=7337.php I would suggest thorougly reading this, but notice especially the bottom of the page. In addition to referencing potential time-travel capabilities through stabalized wormholes (only to the past though, I'll explain only if necessary). So time travel and even wormhole manipulation has been studied before at least in some detail or ernest. So what's the big deal? Well, it is known that the person trying to escape in Ascension references the Casamir device and that it needs extreme amounts of power to activate. As has been previously mentioned, the Casamir effect can act as a wormhole stabilizer and allow interstellar travel. Well it's quite possible that the concept in Ascension is that this mysterious person needs to reactivate this Casamir device that was most likely used on him to trap him in an area (most likely with sam) so that he can escape. It is possible for a few other things to happen as well. Theoretically according to multidimensional theory, time travel could be simply traveling through the fourth relative dimension. So if the wormhole could provide time travel, then that means it runs through/to the fourth dimension. So the person could be trying to escape the fourth dimension and to do that would need to get in to the Casamir device "again" which you as the players activate. So my theory is that the Casimir Device is a multidimensional transporter. It is also possible that the Gersch devices (being black holes that provide a point of travel between two areas) could be wormholes, and indeed might be minor or failed versions of Casimir Devices, or even be something as crazy as the transmitters of the Casimir Device, allowing such travel (think, that's why you had to shoot the GERSCH DEVICE to MAKE IT MORE POWERFUL AND ACTIVATE THE CASIMIR DEVICE). So what's that mean for the Easter Egg? Well...I don't know... Personally I was intrigued by some other research on the Casimir effect. The first piece of research was furthering that article above, how the Casimir effect has been studied to provide propulsion for spaceships in a vacuum. It seems implausible that the next step in the Egg is to find something related to spaceship propulsion. The other piece of research was that the Casimir effect can be manipulated to alter the properties of a black hole as well as a wormhole. I find that to be more plausible (at least of the two), that the next step involves more Gersch devices. Actually, now that I think about it, it would make perfect sense, because if the Casimir device still was in "effect" you could experiment with that. However I think I heard something about the device shutting down due to power failure or overload or something. Either way, or whatever way you choose to believe, I'll leave this post on this thought: Who is that mysterious man? Is it a man? Who is it trying to escape? Is it trying to escape the "thing"? Who says it's not lying? What if it's Sam pretending to be some dude? What if Sam was trapped (intentionally) in one such Casimir device, and was trapped in the 4th dimension? And then when you activated the device, Sam screamed, but it didnt necessarily mean a scream of pain, maybe a scream of triumph. What if the thing you just let out was Sam? What's the next step?
  10. Just a question, did the PaP room shake when you walked in?
  11. Semi-contribution here. Two theories. a) maybe everone has to get into the PaP room with the death machines? if you notice there are batteries and things around the map that are sparking. According to some people, the bottoms of the death machines say "Sparky" on them. Maybe you have to shoot/destroy all of the sparking battery-things on the map with the death machines in 90 seconds?
  12. Lol someone do it and try shooting it...maybe zombie? Maybe zombie boss?
  13. Has anyone tried it against the "Ascension" code? I don't know if you guys have checked out the decryption for the number code transmissions on the level Ascension (not zombie, campaign). I'm going to edit in the link ASAP but definitely check it out when you can. *EDIT* Here's the link to the code/decryption. Also, if anyone has the 2004 copyright version of Profiles in Courage, let me know ASAP for further decryption. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=4092
  14. Very nice find, and it actually made me realize something. There was a reason for all of this and its very simple. We knew that this was a teaser for Ascension but we didn't know what it meant. Now that it's out we know that there are evil little monkey things that are rather... :twisted: . But here's the link we missed: Ascension was the name of the space program with Laika as the test subject of a launch/re-entry program. The diagram of Sputnik in the background is meant to point us in the direction of the Sputnik that Laika was launched in/with. We know for sure that the image on www.gknova6.com was a zombie-ish monkey in a space suit with sputnik in the background. So the link is that the monkey is the replacement for Laika. Think about this: When the map pack came out, the monkey round on Ascension was supposed to be the hellhound round on other zombie maps! They were trying to tell us that monkeys (the picture on gknova6.com) were replacing dogs (Laika in the Sputnik program). Very clever Treyarch developers....verrrryyyyyy clever....
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